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Bond takes on a genius from a Disney Show (CONCLUDED)

I believe that Ford Pines takes this due to the fact that he is simply stronger. He is also exceptionally more intelligent than James Bond when it comes down to Intelligence. He also has generally better of an arsenal of weaponry, provided we're allowing both of them access to their weaponry.
I'll count your vote but I'd have to disagree

Ford I'd more intelligent yes but Bond haS much more 1 on 1 experience. He's also just as smart when it comes to strategising in an actual fight, maybe more so. Ford is a genius obviously but that doesn't equate to how smart he is in a fight. He's more of a genius of inventing and science than in combat. Plus it's composite Bond so if he sees Ford with some insane weapon, he can pull out the Samurai and take Ford completely by surprise. Bond should take this with difficulty, because he's simply better at 1v1 situations
The main reason I consider Ford to be the winner here is because of the fact that Ford's weaker weapons (at least likely) are comparable to the Moonraker Laser Pistol, possibly even better, and thus, could be more likely to get James Bond dead before he could even do something with a weapon of his own. While I am considering Bond's combat experience being superior to Ford's, I still will stick with my Ford Pines vote, as he wields likely far better weapons and still has the intelligence advantage of even forming a battle strategy or some trick against James to win.
That's fair.

What I'd say to that is Bond is just as good as Ford in formulating a stratgey in a 1 v 1 situation and probably better. No doubt Ford is the smarter individual but he really isn't as good as Bond in a straight fun fight. It's what Bond has been doing all his life meanwhile Ford has some experience fighting but hardly ever a shootout.

Plus, it's not like these crazy weapons are gonna take Bond by too much surprise. He's seen just as crazy with the samurai which is a speed of light weapon (inspired by the moonraker laser). Ford isn't gonna expect a normal man to have access to stuff like this. Not to mention, Bond has his gadgets which can easily incapitate Ford. Not to mention, Bond is a master of stealth. He could easily slip away from the fight, and reappear behind Ford and finish him off, like he's done to heavily trained foes before.

Bond is just too good for Ford in this situation.
ford is probably actually better experience wise and 1v1 wise

30 years of experience fighting and escaping some form of government most likely causing fights

so yeah i vote ford fra
He has travelling and adventure experience but he simply doesn't have the combat training or 1v1 experience Bond has. Escaping the government isn't gonna do anything in a 1v1 against someone as good as Bond
I will duly note, however, that Grunkle Stan IS an experienced boxer, which permits him to harm creatures even as large and enigmatic as dinosaurs, which is a feat in and of itself. Ford, upon introduction, more or less stomped Stan, reacted to him, etc. and even helped in the fact that he beat Stan barehanded, no weapons or anything of the sort.
ya stan is basically comparable to bond (he has done many many many crazy things) and ford stomped him

also when travelling across the multiverse as a fugitive you most likely are going to fight WAY tougher people than Bond
Yes except it has never been shown if he fought them or just ran from them. Hell the only instance it states a fight he was in, he ran away until he used his wealth of knowledge to try and kill bill, and there is no prep here.

Stan is only comparable to Bond in strength. Like he has no where near the experience or weaponry Bond has it's a totally different ball game. Plus Bond also stomped assassins and trained martial artists so yeah he isn't really comparable at all
just saying the dude has been in wars and in gangs of bandits travelling across the multiverse and he is far far FAR superior to dipper who... just read the profile

And he fought in the dungeons dungeons and more dungeons against all of those monsters with the most random weapons possible

AND he is superior to stan who fought pterodactyl's and other things of the likes

AND he has fought many of the creatures in the journals such as the gremloblin, the weird octopus thing in that one episode, the kraken, and zombies is heavily implied in the journal

he has also withstood that blast from bill destroying the tower and the volts of electricity bill gave him

pretty sure that all of these are superior than assassains and martial artists which is all even less considerable considering he is a far better fighter than stan who is an expert boxer, fought zombies, escaped a closed trunk tied up, and fought many people such as gangs as shown in the episode a tale of two stans as well as being very acrobatic as shown when he does that flip thing in the comic through the window

and also he keeps his magnet gun and laser gun with him at all times

so yeah ford fra
First of all, Even if Stan is an expert boxer he really only knows one fighting style. It's like saying someone should be comparable to an expert marksman when they only are experts in firing pistols.

Bond has fought assassins who are so much more skilled than Stan it's not even funny. One assassin he killed managed to kill a hostage right under Bond's nose before he realised what happened before Bond beat him.

Those monsters Stan fought are obviously tough but none of them are implied to be actual fighters, just terrifying beasts. G!G and G is a good feat except the problem is he also got random weapons in that encounter. He was allowed to do anything he wanted and was really controlled by Mabel and Stan.

Again they are good feats but they all seem like terrifying monsters rather than skilled combatants. Bond isn't straightforward and is an actual combat Ford knows nothing about. Ford has seen stuff like laser weapons and magnet gun like weapons before that really isn't an issue. James is an expert marksman who uses stealth and has much more one on one experience with these types of intelligent foes. Sure Ford beat a Boxer but he isn't comparable to Bond and the monsters he killed didn't show much in terms of strategy, which again except for G,G and G but he was allowed any random weapon there as well so it doesn't help him here.

Bond should take this
the weapons thing really should show his mastery considering they were completely random

that bond assassain thing doesn't truly show how they are much better just sneaky

the gremloblin had so many things going for him that ford beating him is truly a big feat (look at the profile), he beat the kraken in a few punches which just more shows his AP advantage, and the zombies were able to hurt stan who is also a pretty good fight for bond (you made a different thread and we discussed remember?)

again ford has fought with interdimensional gangs and fought in wars (iirc) as a fugitive so he definately has combat experience

and again magnet gun and laser gun (i mean he could just magnet steal bonds weapons and laser him to death)

also you are not meant to be biased in your fights and should just be a watcher (but whateves more fun like this)
I'm not being biased hahaha

I've openly admitted when Bond loses many times. I just feel like since not many people know the extent of what he can do, I gotta explain it hahaha

Again though. Fought with gangs. That could mean anything. It also implies once again that he didn't fight on his own. Don't get me wrong those are goons feats with the monsters but they are just that... monsters. They can do some tough things and have some cool abilities but most monsters in gravity Falls don't really plan things out, they just try and attack. James don't like that he is much more strategic and I guarantee has fought in more 1 vs 1 situations than Ford.

Magnet gun is a problem yes but I doubt it could stop a SOL laser before it kills Ford.
they have the same speed save for reactions (which wouldn't help soooooo) so ford could magnet the gun seeing how effective that thing this and then he could laser the bond

or bond lasers him first

may actually vote inconclusive for the fact it could go either way