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Bleach Cosmic Awareness

Since it seems being able to see or detect things across dimensions qualify for cosmic awareness I thought I'd make this.

Aizen should have Cosmic Awareness since he can sense people and even somewhat tell what is going on whilst locked up in Muken. He was able to sense what was going on inside another random pocket dimension within the valley of screams. (Manga and Novel)

Ichibe should also have it since he could see what is going on within all the realms. He was able to see the Hikone fight and etc from the Soul King Palace which is a pocket dimension inside another pocket dimension. The battle took place elsewhere in another dimension. (CFYOW Novel)
Proof for Ichibe here

The Phoenix Palace; Reiokyu:- "Oh, so you are here." Hearing Hyousube Ichibei's voice, Nimaiya Ouetsu looked over his shoulder and stood up. He had been sitting on the cliff behind the Phoenix Palace and had been gazing up at the empty sky. "What are you doing here, monk? It is rather rare to see you in a place like this, no?" "Well, there were no signs of your presence in that gaudy bar full of female zanpakutos, so I thought I would find you here." The monk stood beside Ouetsu and looked up at the sky, stroking his beard. "Hmm.. Ikomikidomoe is in the Kyogoku?" "You see everything, don't you, monk? Guess I didn't even need to ask." "Well, not as much as I would like to see, but you're not entirely wrong." Sighing a little, the monk spoke again.
Considering I already tried giving Aizen this a while ago for being aware of things in Hueco Mundo despite already being in the World of the Living, I completely agree with this.
I think Soul King should have it as well via this.

" Oh, he most certainly had a will of his own. It might have faded with the passage of time, but I think he was aware of the general situation and thus guided Kurosaki Ichigo here to the Reiokyu. This shows that he possessed his own will. I could feel it. If the bone is the Oken, then a part of his soul is entrusted to this Reiokyu."

He was aware of everything going on and specifically guided Ichigo to him in a way to the Reiokyu. Yhwach would get it by extension for absorbing him and all his powers.
Shouldn't Oetsu get this as well? He told Ichigo in the manga that he knows at all times where all zanpakutou's are located and the only excepsion so far seems to be that old zanpakutou where that Hollow who battle the Soul King was sealed on.
Rather should be the Soul King, Yhwach, Ichibei and Aizen.

Wouldn't say Oetsu counts though, as it being focused on the blades runs counter to the point of Cosmic Awareness.
ProfessorKukui4Life said:
Actually, shouldn't Ulquiorra also have it?
He was aware of Orihime traveling through the Dangai when he kidnapped her and brought her to Aizen.
If i remember right that was because aizen told him sbout it
Then that phone should get cosmic awareness. How the Hell can Ichigo use it to contact another dimension?