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Another Godzilla vs My Favorites Thread (Monster King Godzilla VS Isaac)


Saw this Godzilla got upgraded to High 4-C, already made a thread about throwing characters I like at Godzillas, this seems like a no brainer to me.


Godzilla VS Isaac, Both High 4-C (Monster King Godzilla), Speed Equalized

My Godzilla Spam Train: 0

My Most Spammed Character: 0

I am asked politely to stop spamming threads when I get into moods like this: 0

King Monster GodzillaMS
Nibroc-Rock Isaac (Golden Sun)-Smash U2
I'm not touching that, no way, nooooope.

I'm not a Gravity Falls man. That's out of my league. XD
This is how most GS matchups go.

...Niche RPG game, who would've guessed people don't turn out in droves to debate it?
You could make an attempt at picking a side on this one, if no one else will? Get the ball rolling on the debate?
I dunno who to choose. Both have a lot of stuff on them. I'd wait for an expert, but it seems nobody for Monster Strike is available.
Ah shame...Oh well, thank you for at least showing some support for the fight!