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Welp, we just finished a revision a bit ago to update the profiles, but we just got another new episode yesterday, so...

Additions to current profiles
The Chosen One (Animator vs. Animation)
The Second Coming
  • Resistance to Data Manipulation: Survived the Dark Lord's Virus Blade, which turned the other four stick figures into "trash data" immediately
  • Immortality (Type 2): Survived dozens of stabbings and slashes from The Dark Lord's Virus Blade, including being bysected
  • "Empowered" Key
    • Regeneration (At least Low-Mid): Regenerated being horizontally bisected as well as vertical stabs through the torso)
    • Flight
    • Energy Manipulation: Can surround themselves in energy
    • Superior Martial Arts: Could match The Dark Lord, who previously effortlessly trumped Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue all at once
    • Telekinesis: Can imbue objects with his energy, allowing him to throw launch them telekinetically
    • Explosion Manipulation: His Heat Vision can cause explosions
    • Hacking and Data Manipulation: Used The Dark Lord's computer to bring back his friends from being turned into "trash data"
Yellow Stick Figure (Animator vs. Animation)
  • Hacking: Hacked into The Dark Lord's computer, sending a message back to Alan's computer as well as using the computer to bring the Animator's mouse into The Dark Lord's console through Remote Control
Seems fine on a first glance but you put this in the wrong thread by mistake. Happened to me before so I don’t blame ya.
So, did this ever go anywhere? I see Chosen One got his Resistances, but the Second Coming never got an Empowered Key, only Equipment.
If this is still waiting on something, I’ll happily bump it, I’m a fan of the series.
He does have his awakened form as a separate key, but for some reason I decided to put his abilities as a key to his normal abilities tabber instead of making its own separate tabber. I'll split them just to make it better
Not a problem at all. It was a good thing to bring up
Always question my incompetence lol