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(1 MORE VOTE) Captain Marvel fights the BNHA Patriarchy Finale: The Manliest Man vs The Feminist Female


This is Captain Marvel vs Eijirou Kirishima. Kirishima starts out Hardened. Let's get into the details of this versus thread.

-Speed Equalized

-Both in Character

-Location: Open field

-Range: 3.5 meters

-Win via KO


Captain Marvel: 0

Kirishima: 6

Inconclusive: 0
Marvel is pretty straightforward in combat and prefers to just overpower people. Kirishima is similar but in this match she can't even make him flinch due to being like half of chapter 1 Bakugou's AP and Kirishima should have comparable or higher AP due to being able to break through the entirety of the zero pointer without much difficulty. If he runs out he can still tank her hits and then harden again so I'll vote him.
once she notices her punches arent effective wont she just spam photon blast from a distance? also how does he actually hit her here considering shes a better fighter and has flight
this is her pre finale of the movie? before she was using the space stone? and if their ap is close surely he cant tank to many of them