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  1. SamanPatou

    Street Fighter 6: Classic Characters Updates

    Here we are fighters! After making profiles for the new characters, who will soon be joined be the newcomer A.K.I., it's time to take care of the old guard too. Unfortunately the game didn't give them much, at least in terms of feats and P&A, but there's stuff to cover nonetheless. I'm not going...
  2. RandomGuy2345

    9-A World's Greatest Fighters Tournament: Zangief vs Brad Armstrong (Round 1)

    Welcome to the first round of the 9-A World's Greatest Fighters Tournament! Introducing first, he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he more than makes up for it with brawn and superb grappling. It's Zangief! And his opponent, he may not look big (compared to his opponent), but size...
  3. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    Overwhelming Muscle vs Overwhelming Metal. Zangief vs Guts!

    Can Gut's cleave the Cyclone in two??? Or will the Wrestling Champion piledrive him six feet under? Guts (End of Golden Age) Zangief Speed is equalized.
  4. AceOfSpaces3709

    Bane VS Zangief (0-0-0)

    Bane starts off in Base form, but is allowed to amp himself with Venom, Both start 6 m apart, Speed is equalized, and Battle takes place in the sewer DKT Bane and Batman fought in. Bane’s AP is 0.2423 Tons of TNT, but becomes 0.25 Tons of TNT with Venom Zangief’s AP is 0.10 Tons of TNT The...
  5. SamanPatou

    Street Fighter: Wrestlers are hella strong + Final Fight adjustments and some more things

    Pro Wrestlers have crazy lifting strength A bunch of Class M calcs have been made, one performed by the wrestlers of Saturday Night Slam Masters, which is a prequel to Final Fight and thus canon to Street Fighter (I'll make files for these peopl), and two performed by yours truly Zangief. This...
  6. SamanPatou

    Street Fighter: Additions from the "All About Street Fighter Zero" guides

    1 of 2 Seasonal Street Fighter revision, let's go! The first and main topic is about a couple of guides that have been translated in the past months: All About Street Fighter Zero 2 (translation) and All About Street Fighter Zero 3 (translation). These are official japanese guides published by...
  7. CardboardSlime

    Rhino Wrestler VS Zangief

    Rhino Wrestler is 9-A and uses his Pre-Training key. Horn will be used for now. SBA applies Both start at 3 meters Location is at a wrestling ring Rhino Wrestler: Zangief: Draw/Inconclusive:
  8. SamanPatou

    Street Fighter Running Speed

    Very quick, currently the Street Fighter characters' speed is rated only through their reaction speed. Luckily, we have an already accepted calc, which is Dan running faster than a wall of flames. (Subsonic) Since Dan is the worst character in the series, I'd say it's safe to say that everyone...
  9. SamanPatou

    Street Fighter: Lifting Strength, ESP and a few more things

    Lifting Strength: Class 25, possibly Class 50 Hugo is able to lift a semi-trailer truck. (see it better here). These types of truck can range from 11 tons, to 15 and even 40 tons depending on whether they have a trailer or not, and if it's loaded. In the video we see Hugo lifting the trailer...
  10. SamanPatou

    Street Fighter Big CRT Part 4: On Powers and Abilities

    The title is self-explanatory, time for a mass giveaway. Not that all of the following proposals are to be intended as additions. When I will ask for removas, I will mark the distinction between them and the additions. Abilities that belong to (almost) everyone: Acrobatics: It doesn't need...
  11. SamanPatou

    Street Fighter Big Revision. Part 3

    Third part, sequel to this thread. This is about finishing some stats revisions and other minor stuff. Speed of the Low/Mid-Tiers Currently, some characters are supersonic+ from a statement about Guile which doesn't exist anymore, we don't even know the source. The characters affected by this...
  12. DimeUhDozen

    How Strong Are These SFEX Feats?

    Been looking for someone to cover these things if calcs can be made for them with no luck. Would it be possible to calculate the energy used, durability needed to survive, and the speed at which these feats were performed?
  13. SamanPatou

    Street Fighter Big Revision. Part 1

    Sooo, after a very long time (almost a year) I'm finally able to initiate this CRT, which will be divided in three parts for the sake of order and to avoid confusion and chaos. I'm leaving here a quick timeline and summarization of Street Fighter canon made by me, which I could put in a blog...
  14. Maverick_Zero_X

    Haggar vs Zangief

    Mike Haggar vs Zangief Standard Battle Assumptions
  15. DeviousDiesel091

    Kinnikuman vs Zangief

    7-C Zangief vs 7-B Kinnikuman
  16. EightAte8

    E. Honda versus Zangief

  17. Xanxussama1010

    Yujiro Hanma vs Zangief

    Let's give some lov to SF characters. Yujiro Hanma vs Zangief Fight at World Martial Arts Tournament stadium. Speed Equalized Ok,who is the winner?
  18. Missy0124

    Mike Haggar vs Zangief

  19. fandom_2horny4u

    Bane vs Zangief

    Bane (Post-Crisis) vs Zangief who wins and why no prep time win by K.O. but will kill if they have to
  20. RadicalMrR

    Zangief Vs Luke Cage

  21. Andykhang

    Random Page Matchup #2: Darth Maul vs Zangief

    Here the second I-don't-give-much-shit-other-than-curiosity random page matchup: Both at tier 7, in-character, speed equalize, win when killed, defeated or incapacitated. Who would win?