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warrior of light

  1. CrackerVolley

    FFXIV WoL - potential Soul Crystal addition (Heavensward Spoilers)

    During the events of the Dark Knight questline, the Warrior of Light discovers that the Dark Knight soul crystal produces a second personality of them comprised off their frustrations, namely of how often they act as an errand boy and of recent story events (Crystal Braves betrayal). While...
  2. Question about Warrior of Lights precognition

    What is the source for his second precog that works on type 3 acausals?
  3. HST_Master

    Dissidia Hax Revisions

    This is gonna update the hax and resistance of the characters in Dissidia: All characters gain Supernatural Willpower/Willpower Manipulation thanks to how the world works in the Land of Respite. The land gives the characters the ability to utilize their very will for various things, such as...
  4. Theglassman12

    Final Fantasy 1-6 major revisions

    Alright, this has been a LONG time coming, with this revisions we can at least have FF1-6 be filled with good up to date pages instead of the mess they're in right now (more specifically 4 and 6). With that out of the way, let's begin. General FF1-6 revisions Everyone that can use magic, and...
  5. FFXIV Got some 4th wall stuff going on now.

    https://gyazo.com/843ba72a94e409d188968883c328ed58 https://gyazo.com/894426b339516f1596c6bfa745e3bdd8
  6. ZephyrosOmega

    Warrior of Light fix

    This should be a pretty minor thing. The Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy XIV) is currently "High 3-A, possibly Low 2-C" for scaling to the Cloud of Darkness. However, the Cloud of Darkness is currently rated as 2-C. The Warrior's three keys that fit the above tier should be upgraded to 2-C as...
  7. Regidian

    Warrior of light (ff14) vs darkrai

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Warrior_of_Light_(Final_Fantasy_XIV) Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Darkrai SBA Warrior of light: Darkrai: Incon:
  8. Jmanghan

    Warrior of Light vs Perfect Chaos

    Both are 5-A. I know in most cases something is equalized, but in this case, no. Discuss!
  9. Tmangaming03

    I'm on an Adventure! Warrior of Light vs Finn the Human, 5-A.

    Sub-Relativistic Speed, Endgame equipment for WoL, Finn Sword for Finn. Let's fight!
  10. Sixo_Bullets

    Warrior of Light vs Base Lord Enma

    Each at 5-A. Speed is equalized. Enma is bloodlusted. Warrior of Light: | Lord Enma: Incon:
  11. Theglassman12

    Final Fantasy 1 revisions

    Alright with the first game done, let's get this stuff out of the way. The Four Fiends Curse Manipulation and Transmutation: It's stated that they're capable of cursing people and turning them into bats. Space-Time Manipulation and Time Travel: The 4 Crystals are capable of warping space...
  12. DarkDragonMedeus

    Final Fantasy 1 Revisions

    Alright, this has been long overdue and the plans have been their for over a year now. But it's been discussed here with the details. The first thing to get out of the way would be the Four Fiends: Lich (Final Fantasy I), Marilith (Final Fantasy I), Kraken (Final Fantasy I), and Tiamat (Final...
  13. PaChi2

    Final Fantasy Discussion thread I: Four travelers and four crystals.

    Title says it all. Talk about anything related to the saga. Let's make FF great again! Together!
  14. Konaguna

    FF I Speed and power

    I have just completed the original final fantasy and I have several questions. Firstly, I was severely confused by speed rating for all characters, how much speed does base Garland have? Why are the warriors of light set at sub relativistic?m through some seriously indirect powerscaling? Also...
  15. HST_Master

    Dissidia Keys

    The Dissidia series is considered canon correct? So shouldn't all participants in the Cycles have Dissidia keys?
  16. Jmanghan

    Warrior of Light should be ranked higher.

    If we're gonna look at all of the Warrior of Light's feats, Gilgamesh is hardly the toughest guy he's faced. How is Gilgamesh comparing to fighting evenly with Sephiroth, or defeated Chaos with a single attack in his strongest form? (Which happened in "Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes".)...
  17. ZephyrosOmega

    Warrior of Light VS. Cecil Harvey

    Let's compare the holy knights of Final Fantasy! Morals on, Speed Equalized, victory by ko or incap. Round 1: Dark Knight Cecil Round 2: Paladin Cecil Round 3: Dissidia Cecil Who wins? Because the warrior of light has a frankly incomplete bio, here's some more resources on his abilities...
  18. The_Unknow_User

    Special attacks of Warrior of Light (Dissidia)

    I was watching Dissidia trailers, they showed several of the movements of Warrior of Light, among them the ability to create a shield of light and swords which throws against the enemy. Should not these be taken as special powers or is it due to lack of information that they have not put...
  19. Room_Snake_Pillow

    Tiz Arrior vs Warrior Of Light (Warriors of Light meet in battle!)

    Round 1 - Tier 7 Tiz vs Warrior of Light Round 2 - Tier 5 Tiz vs Warrior of Light. (No Bravely Second) Round 3 - Tier 5 Tiz vs Warrior of Light (Bravely Second) Tiz has access to all of his asterisks in all rounds.
  20. The_real_cal_howard

    Riku VS Warrior of Light

    Any means of winning
  21. Jmanghan

    Warrior of Light vs Fierce Deity Link?

    Link thinks that the Warrior has stolen the Tri-Force, the Warrior thinks that Link has destroyed the Crystals. Battle takes place outside Castle Cornelia. This is Composite Fierce Deity Link. Who wins?
  22. Jmanghan

    Warrior of Light vs King Thordan

    Not Archbishop Thordan VII, but King Thordan, who do you think takes this?
  23. The_Everlasting

    Frieza vs. The Warrior of Light

    The Planet Trade Organization invades World A with the intent of conquering it. Frieza's ship lands in the center of Cornelia, and the Warrior of Light appears to stop the invader and save the world. Can the Hero of Prophecy defeat the Extraterrestrial Tyrant? Rules: This is Frieza in his...