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  1. M_Animefan

    Jonathan Joestar VS Wamuu

    Speed is equalized High 8C key of Johnathan is being used. Jonathan Joestar Wamuu Who takes this in a Death Match? Wamuu: 9 Jonathan:
  2. StrymULTRA

    A small downgrade for Santana + Pillar Man/Vampire additions

    Santana on his profile has Type 1 Immortality, which, however, is wrong. Pillar Men can become old, as shown in both manga and anime, with the latter even showcasing old and young Pillar Men. Heck, while that isn't needed that much, they still needed to reproduce, even if at a rate much, much...
  3. Sir_Marvulous

    High DIO vs Wamuu

    High DIO vs Wamuu Victory by Killing the Opponent High DIO with Shadow DIO mindset, Wamuu plans to consume DIO if he's victorious No Prior Knowledge DIO has access to The World, knives, and a steamroller The fight is in Cairo, Egypt Speed is Unequal DIO Wamuu
  4. ArgentinianDeadpool

    this never happen: Esidisi VS Wammu

    SBA Both in character.
  5. RaidenMei007

    Blizzard Of Hell Vs A Pillar Man : Fubuki Vs Wamuu

    The Hero Association has contract Fubuki to take care of an extraordinary living being,which stated that has awaken a few moment ago.So she decide to find by herself,and she coincedentally meet him. Both aware of each other Speed Equalized Range : 5 m The other conditions follow the SBA...
  6. Chariot190

    Pillar Man Addition

    Pillar Men have the ability to enter and basically fuse with other organisms. Santana does it twice, but the most notable showing is with Wham, who basically melted into some horses to hide without harming the horses or having em notice he was even there. Link. Dont know what it'd be listed...
  7. Stillwinston

    Homer Simpson vs Wammu

    So Homer can take on stand users, now for another test. Can he take on a Pillar Man? Speed is equalised, Homer has his equipment. SBA otherwise Best American Dad: 0 Best Pillar Man: 0 Inconclusive: 0 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Homer_Simpso https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Wamuu
  8. Quibster

    Awakened Dio vs Wammu

    Dio Brando vs Wamuu Both are 8-C Speed is Equalized Awakened Dio has access to The World, his Knives and (I'll remove this if I have to) one Steamroller. lolTimestop: 0 lolSandstorm: 0 lolSunlight: 0
  9. Arceus0x

    Kamado Tanjirou tries to slay a pillar man (CONCLUDED)

    Plz close this thread. Speed is equalized Kamado is bloodlusted cause Whamuu punched his sis both at 8-C Wamuu 0 Kamado Tanjirou 7 inconclusive
  10. Seventy96

    Diavolo tries to solo his own verse: Round 2 - Wake me up before you go-go

    In character Speed equalized if needed Diavolo Wammu
  11. SupremeGilgamesh

    Pillar Men Speed Upgrade

    The calc is this one User blog:HoRaOra9087/Wamuu_speed Hope this can be accepted
  12. Anttron224

    Post-Deep Pass Overdrive Jonathan Joestar VS Wamuu

    Jonatha (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) VS Wamuu (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) They start 3.048 meters apart in the German Base in Mexico Only reaction speed is equalized Jonathan has prior knowledge about Pillar Men but not Wamuu's specific abilities Jonathan Joestar: 0 Wamuu: 9 (TheArsenal1212...
  13. TheArsenal1212

    End of Part Three Jotaro vs Wamuu (9-7-0)

    Sorta like a EOH situation, Jotaro gets sent back to the late 30s and finds Wamuu in Greece. Remembering what Joseph told him, he confronts Wamuu. Wamuu, sensing a connection to Jojo in Jotaro, he agrees to fight him Speed is Equalised Jotaro Kujo: 9 Wamuu: 7 Inconclusive: 0
  14. ExtremeArcanine

    Pillar Men Immortality Type 2 Addition?

    Alright, I looked at the profiles and I saw that Esidisi could survive literally as a brain and with his blood vessels. Considering they couldn't even regenerate from that due to the Hamon, that means they should all have Type 2 Immortality as that is a very extreme thing to not be considered as...
  15. Shootingkill

    Pillar Men Abilities Addition

    I believe the Pillar Men's profile are missing a few abilities Possession - For Esidisi as he possessed Suzi's body after being reduced to a brain. Light Manipulation - For Kars. His blades on his arms reflects light to cut through anything. Possible Spatial Manipulation - For Wamuu. It is...
  16. CrackerVolley

    SCP-076-2 VS Wammu

    Honorable Warriors From A Long Ago Speed Equalized Wammu's Invicibility and the Thore are resticted. Takes place in Toronto
  17. ConsumingFire

    Muhammad Avdol vs Wammu

    Muhammed faces off against the Pillar Man, Wammu. Both are gifted battle strategists, but who would win in a one-on-one fight? Starting distance 50 feet. Victory via death or KO. Fight takes place in Egypt at night. Current votes, Muhammad Avdol: 1 Wamuu: 2 Tie/Inconclusive: 0
  18. Graf_Thorsdottir

    The Pillar Men replace the Straw Hat Pirates, how far can they go?

    We all know the Pillar Men once traveled across the world in search of an object that can make them the Ultimate Life form. But if what they are looking for is located at Raftel and they had to start at Foosha Village and follow the same adventure as Luffy, how far can they go? The Pillarmen...
  19. JustSomeWeirdo

    Pillar Man Battle Royale

    Round 1: In character, Empty Room, no Ultimate Life Form Kars Round 2: Same as Round 1, but bloodlusted Kars - 0 Esidisi - 0 Wammu - 0
  20. Promestein

    Pillar Men Regenerationn

    I believe the Pillar Men should have Low-High Regenerationn. Wammu survived as a head, and presumably couldn't regenerate just because of the hamon. Esidisi survived as just a brain and blood vessels, and, again, hamon stopped him from regenerating. Superior to vampires, who regenerate from...