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the doctor's tardis

  1. Yar_R_agi_7k

    Tardis Acid Manipulation resistance

    While Tardis was in the acid, Doctor implied that Tardis could withstand acid (8.00) and we see that nothing happened in the final.
  2. Colonel_Krukov

    Doctor Who Season 1 Additions (Christopher Eccleston edition)

    All feats listed here Strength Lifting Strength (Class 1/Class 5): Pulled the head off an Auton (A living window shop dummy made of plastic). I should also note he ripped an arm off an Auton, as well as a droid Alien Gun: Was going to blast a Dalek with an alien gun (Note: This was him just...
  3. NoMoreTalking

    Doctor Who Revision

    Okay. After we gather informations for a long time, let's do this. Power Additio For the Doctor Martial Arts - The Doctor can use Venusian Aikido. Paralysis Inducement - Used Venusian aikido to stun Epzo with only one finger. Mind Control - The Doctor occasionally practised hypnosis, and use...
  4. NoMoreTalking

    Doctor Who Addition

    So I finished the game Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. At the game final moments, the Doctor obtains the Eternity Clock and it synched with the TARDIS, which can creates the time storm, and threatening all of reality . And I like to change the profile image into this one Or this one...
  5. ZacharyGrossman273

    Immeasurable speed for TARDIS?

    The TARDIS can fight against Chronovores and the quantum archangel who exist beyond time, and also the black guardian who exists all over time. So should the doctor using the TARDIS as well as the TARDIS itself have immeasurable speed?
  6. Buttersamuri

    Doctor who regen

    I recently was watching into the doctor who show. And in the most recent of regens. The doctors regen seems to cause major damage to The Doctor's TARDIS. So that's something worth bringing up.
  7. ByAsura

    TARDISes upgrade

    The Doctor's TARDIS The Fifth and Sixth Doctors (who come in well after the tractor beam feat) have both made some pretty massive overhauls to their TARDIS, with the latter's even being roughtly comparable to The Master's newly upgraded TARDIS, which is constantly stated to be far superior in...
  8. ByAsura

    Final TARDIS Additions

    As I said on my message wall, I'm making a big Doctor Who thread, and this is probably the last, so I'll make it quick and simple. The TARDIS has a potential evolution feature, where it can gain new and random powers. Resistance to spatial manipulation, more resistance, Extractor Fans, and...
  9. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    SCP-682 vs a Doctor and his spaceship

    vs 4-B versions, speed equalized SCP-682: The Doctor: tie: FIGHT!!!!
  10. ByAsura

    TARDIS additions

    As I said in the previous thread, Doctor Who is a gigantic series, which is why I keep finding new information on the series. In the previous thread I screwed up on a few edits, like Lifting Strength not being linked, not mentioning how brief the Zeus feat was, them only traveling to the bubble...
  11. ByAsura

    Time Lords and TARDIS additions

    There was a thread that explains the first part; Time Lord's stamina. Firstly, most, if not all Time Lords should somewhat scale to the Doctor, secondly, as the Doctor said, his race take forever to die. "People always get it wrong with Time Lords. We take forever to die." "Even if we're too...
  12. NoMoreTalking

    Is every type of the TARDIS use the same power source?

    Is every type of the TARDIS use the same power source? I'll be very appreciate if anyone tell me, thanks.
  13. TakatoBlue

    TARDIS' top speed revision.

    I believe we should remove the "" thing from The Doctor's TARDIS' speed. Reasons: 1 - That information doesn't have any official confirmations. 2 - It was withdrawn from the same website [FatWallet] that calculated the Reality Bomb power in 4E84 Joules. (The bomb's...
  14. Colonel_Krukov

    How fast is this?

    I remembered a scan that maybe able to provide a speed feat but I'm not sure of the speed in question, or if it can be quantified. The Type-40 TARDIS can apparently out run the speed of the big bang according to this sca. Full image here
  15. ZacharyGrossman273

    Type-40 TARDIS VS Post Crisis Superman

    Speed equalized.
  16. Colonel_Krukov

    Tifa Lockhart VS The TARDIS

    Tifa Lockhart vs The TARDIS Rules: Standard Battle Assumptions 4-B versions The Doctor is piloting the TARDIS Speed is equal if necessary TARDIS: 7 (LoyalservantofInti,Omegagoldfish,Hazerddex,Darkmon cns,Monarch Laciel,Lucafriz,JustSomeWeirdo) Tifa: 4 (Saikou The Lewd King,Gargoyle 1,Shozo...
  17. Colonel_Krukov

    Goku Black vs The TARDIS

    Goku Black vs The TARDIS Rules: Standard Battle Assumptions 4-B versions The Doctor is piloting the TARDIS Speed is equal if necessary TARDIS: 8 (LoyalservantofInti,TakatoBlue,Azathoth the Abyssal Idiot,TISSG7Redgrave,The real cal howard,Ultima Reality,WilliamShadow,SomebodyData) Goku: 9...
  18. ZacharyGrossman273

    The TARDIS VS The Magic School Bus.

    The Tardis is at it's 4-C lowball. Who wins and why? Edit: Speed equalized.
  19. ZacharyGrossman273

    The God Emperor of Mankind VS Type-40 TARDIS

    Both at 4-B. Speed is equalized. No time travel allowed. Let's go.