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the darkness (supernatural)

  1. Rabbit2002

    Supernatural Revisions: 2-A

    2-A Upgrade In 5.04 of supernatural, Dean (MC) was sent into alternate future by an angel. In that future he was killed by his brother who was literally possessed by Satan and the world was engulfed in apocalypse, zombies,.. Wog explained it as an alternate universe model as well as possible...
  2. ByAsura

    The Darkness Is Stronger Than God

    In this thread, I'll be debunking the Myth that God and Amara are equal. The numbers are based on formatting from the Supernatural wiki. Digits before the decimal represent seasons, and numbers after are episodes. Lucifer's Statement According to Lucifer, God and The Darkness are equal in...
  3. Kepekley23

    God (Supernatural)'s Description

    The Darkness, his older sister, is the only entity surpassing his power Shouldn't this be changed to: "The Darkness, his older sister, is the only entity that can match him in ability, with the likely exception of the Horseman Death" Since Amara was stated to be equal to God in raw power, and...
  4. MrKingOfNegativity

    Regarding Teenage Amara (Supernatural)

    Been meaning to ask, why is she 8-C for overpowering Crowley? Crowley isn't 8-C in any of his keys, and even if she overpowered 9-A Crowley, I feel like it doesn't make much sense for her to be an entire tier above him even if she did manage to completely own the guy.
  5. LordGriffin1000

    Archangels Possible Upgrade (Supernatural)

    I don't know if we consider this an outlier but I don't remember this being discussed. Right now the Archangels are rated at High 6-A (for being stated to casually roast planets). I remember it was stated that God and the Archangels fought the Darkness and as we know if they were only...
  6. LordAnomanderRake

    Question: Why is it stated as fact that Amara is superior to God/Chuck?

    In the series it has been stated multiple times that they equal. It has also been stated that she is 'older' by some relatively small fraction of time, however that does not automatically imply that she is stronger as well. When she 'overpowered' Chuck during the Season 11 fight, it was clear...
  7. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Small Supernatural Category change

    I simply don't think that God and The Darkness are fit for the "Supreme Being" category. Yes they're nigh-omnipotent in their verse, but the fact that they clearly oppose each other with a real conflict going on, alongside Death being able to kill God, I really doubt that they can truly be...
  8. Ryukama

    Regarding Supernatural Gods

    Hello. Now I have been reading the profiles for the Supernatural god tiers. And I see a problem with how they seem to be rated. God and those who scale to him are rated as "At least 4-B, likely 3-A." The reasoning for the 3-A is that, God and The Darkness have Universe level feats. Fair enough...
  9. Ciruno_Fortes_(COB)

    The Darkness (Supernatural) vs Reimu Hakurei (Touhou)

    Just wanna see some more love for the darkness. Scenario 1 - Windows Reimu versus Darkness. The key is to defeat or outlast, no need to kill. Fantasy Heaven allowed Scenario 2 - Composite Reimu verses Darkness. No Fantasy Heaven Scenario 3 - Composite Reimu with Fantasy Heaven versus...
  10. Heatforce


    Shouldn't god and the darkness be universe level? Iirc they were the first things to exist.