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rusalka schwagerin

  1. Axscell

    Seele Vollerei (Honkai Impact) vs Rusalka Schwagerin (Dies Irae)

    Rules: SBA applies, with the exception of character versions; Apostle key for Rusalka Stygian Nymph key for Seele Speed Unequalized Rusalka: Seele: Incon: (Not sure if it's a stomp. Hopefully not)
  2. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Shalltear vs Rusalka

    Two thots girls who have a supreme being as their masters. Im not really sure if its a stomp or not so lets give it a try. Speed Equal Both 7-B SBA Vampire: Witch: Incon:
  3. ExerciseDancefloors

    Shadow Titan Teridax vs Base Rusalka

    - Speed Equalized - Botn 7-A - Rusalka can use her Briah, and Teridax has full access to all of his Mask Powers.
  4. LumixXto

    Litttle add in the Rusalka profile

    Ok, the las day i was reading Dies irae son of the witch and i saw this quote abaout her "especial eyes Quote: "While having such an easy time, Rusalka's eyes started glowing. Rusalka has the ability to view the target's life force through colours. Based on the shade and hue, she can...
  5. The_real_cal_howard

    Rusalka Schwagerin vs Mega Gengar

    Because Pokemon vs Masadaverse will turn out well for me. Speed equalized. Rusalka Schwageri Gengar
  6. Overlord775

    Rusalka Vs Avenger (Angra Mainyu)

    Both 7-A and speed equalized 300 year old loli: 0 Evil Shadow: 7 (Hl3, ABoogie, Iapitus, Velox, Solacis Schnee, Paul) Inconclusive:0

    A duel of magic: Doctor Strange (MCU) VS Rusalka Schwagerin

    Wanted to do some matchups beetween mages. I'll start by a risky one, as i don't know if it's fair but somehow wanted to make it anyway. It probably ends by mindhax or bfr. (Also, which magic users could fight one of those two (more or less) fairly in a vs thread?). -This is Rusalka base key...
  8. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Rusalka Schwagerin vs Kongou (no,not from Kancolle,but Arpeggio)

    Aaaaaaaarrrrlright,since the ship is pretty much broken af,we will throw them against an fodder-tier from Dies Irae,can they outlass her and g*****n* her to eternity!!? -No restriction for Kongou and base Rusalka is used -Speed is equalized -Both in character -Place located in Ocean,Rusalka...
  9. Homu_Sweet_Homu

    Nocturne Stalemater: Rusalka Schwagerin vs Kazumi Subaru

    This looks fair, why the hell not. Base Rusalka and Post-Cannibalism Kazumi are used. Rusalka Schwageri: Kazumi Subaru: 2 (Kal, Vel) Inconclusive:
  10. Dai1001

    Sans VS Rusalka Schwagerin

    -Battle Takes place in Judgment Hall. -7B version of Rusalka is used. (This might be stomp.) Sans- 0 Rusalka Schwageri- 0 Inconclusive - 0
  11. RavenSupreme

    Naraku vs Rusalka Schwagerin

    Base Rusalka and speed equal for obvious reasons. In character. Naraku: 0 Rusalka Schwagerin: 0 Inconclusive: 7
  12. Monarch_Laciel

    Rusalka Schwagerin Mind Manipulation

    Simple enough. Surprised this isn't already on her profile. During the Pied Piper chapter, Rusalka uses her magic to mind control the population of a school into going to school to be slaughtered, and standing still to wait to be slaughtered
  13. Monarch_Laciel

    LDO Wilhlem and Rusalka Durability

    On their page, it says their durability is 7-B - 7-A for being unnaffected by any human weapon including the Tsar Bomb. But during her little evening teaching moment, Kei says "As far as I've heard Bey and Malleus weren't even hurt by an air raid. I doubt any normal weapons - short of perhaps a...
  14. Monarch_Laciel

    Rusulka Schwagerin VS Darquesse

    Rusalka VS Darquesse Speed Equalised
  15. Monarch_Laciel

    Rusalka Schwagerin VS Vlad III

    Longinus Dreizehn Orden #8 VS the Lancer of Black Battle takes place during a full moon Both bloodlusted Speed Equalised Composite Lancer (i.e. all powers) VS Base Rusalka) Battle takes place in Transylvania (spoooooooky) and Lancer has had enough prep time to get the conditions necessary...