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rogue cheney

  1. Eseseso

    2 Fairy Tail Dragon Slayer Revisions

    1. So on the profiles of Sting and Rogue, it says that their DF transformations are equal to X784 DF Natsu. I disagree with this, because if Sting and Rogue in base each scale far above someone (Max) who easily beat Base X784 Natsu, then their 3x multiplying DF transformations should each be...
  2. Zackra1799

    Natsu, Gajeel, and Rogue additions

    Another round of additions for some of our resident dragon slayers Future Rogue, Present Rogue, Gajeel, and 7 Fire Dragon Natsu should have Corrosion Inducement and Transmutation as he states that his Shadow Dragon slayer magic will eat away his enemies and turns them into darkness x791 Natsu...
  3. Siegfried10

    Posible downgrade for Tartaros Arc Sting and Rogue

    At the moment Tartaros Arc Sting and Rogue are listed at Tier 7-A, and i have two things to object here. 1- Sting and Rogue with this are considered to be above characters like Natsu (Base and Raienryu) or Erza (Base and Strongest Armors), which lets be fair, doesnt make any sense. Back in the...
  4. Eseseso

    Potential Bloodman upgrade

    Should we add to Bloodman's writeup that he seemed to have defeated Saber Tooth and Blue Pegasus (albeit Blue Pegasus isn't nearly as powerful as ST) on his own? I mean, pages 14-16 on this page seem to show that Saber Tooth was stomping all the Alvarez forces (although they don't scale to...
  5. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: X791 Possible Orga Upgrade

    One thing that needs to be addressed now that Sting and Rogue are 7-A is whether or not we scale Orga above them, in the Sun Village Arc, it is said that Orga is the strongest member of Sabertooth and that is literally right before the Tartaros Arc where Sting and Rogue are 7-A, so the question...
  6. Zackra1799

    Sting, Rogue, and Jienma AP revision

    Okay so Tartaros Arc String, Rogue, and Jienma should all be 7-A. String and Rogue has plenty of feats putting them at this level. They were introduced into this arc by fighting a suppressed Mard Geer for an extended period of time and being capable of withstanding many of his attacks, Mard...
  7. FinePoint

    Fairy Tail DSM: Magic Nullification Nullification

    Proposal: Magic Resistance Negation and/or Powernull Negation to Dragon Slayer Magic Reasoning: Dragon Slayer Magic damaged Dorma Amin which had a coat of armor which nullified all other magical attacks, as well as the Eclipse Gate which was resistant to magical attacks. Scans...
  8. Politebunny7

    Why doesn't future rogue have intangiblility?

    I notice he doesnt, but normal rogue(ft) does, shouldn't it scale?
  9. HST_Master

    Rogue! You aren't alone! Sting and Rogue vs Future Rogue

    Tartarous Arc Sting and Rogue vs White Shadow Dragon Future Rogue. Speed Unequal. Battle in Edolas Twin Dragon Slayers: Would Be Dragon King: 5
  10. TheRustyOne

    Rogue Cheney vs Blake Belladonna

    8-A version of Rogue and Volume 4 Blake Speed is Equalized.
  11. HST_Master

    Rogue Cheney vs Yami Sukehiro

    Low 7-C versions Speed Equalized Fight takes place at Castle Oblivion FIGHT!
  12. Dragonmasterxyz

    Possible Sting, Rogue and Gildarts upgrade.

    Wouldn't Sting and Rogue be City Level for being able to at least fight and keep up with Mard Geer. Also both fought Jienma(I think that's how you spell it.) who was stated to be above Mard Geer's other guildmates who are around City Level I do believe. Also shouldn't Gildarts be upgraded to...