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  1. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    Minor Mysterio addition

    Single ability I would like to add Immersion (Was able to create illusions within a TV screen that could cross into reality)
  2. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    Diavolo vs Mysterio.

    The Master of Illusions Vs the Crimeboss of Passione! Speed is Equalized. Mysterio has all of his equipment from his "Base" key (no optional gear) The battle takes place in Nepal.
  3. koopa3144

    Mysterio vs Emerald Sustrai

    (So, this was going to be Weiss or Ruby fight, but I couldn't find any good opponents.) Fight takes place in a warehouse Emerald is in her Beacon Arc Both know the other uses some kind of Illusion Mysterio has his standard Equipment and Digital imagery transmission chip and Poison-Coated...
  4. CowHeadGod

    Mysterio Rework

    Big o' rework for the master of illusions. New profile Old profile I've currently listed Cosmic Comic Mysterio as unknown as I'm way too tired at the time of this post if anyone wants to propose a more solid tiering; feel free to do so.
  5. TauanVictor

    Mysterio (MCU) VS Electro (TASM)

    Mysterio (MCU) VS Electro (TASM) Fight Location: Riverside Park (New York) Starting Distance: 15m Both in-character Equalized speed Mysterio will have 24 hours of Preparation | Pre-Arc Reactor Electro in 8-C key Mysterio: Electro: 4 (@Baken384, @Oliver_de_jesus, @Vizer04, @sanicspood)...
  6. The_Impress

    SMRG Bracket Round 3: Mysterio vs. The Spot (8-1-0)

    Bracket Hub Mysterio vs. The Spot Battle takes place in Grand Central Station, Mysterio has a day of prep and range is 10 metres. Completely in-character.
  7. Coolboy6

    Deku vs mysterio

    Both high 8-C, 8% joint training arc Deku used, speed equalized Deku: Mysterio:
  8. Tots_Real

    Mysterio Vs N'Doul

    N'Doul hired to kill Mysterio, he has 3 day of prep but Mysterio knows who N'Doul is Both start off 150 feet apart Fight takes place in Hong Kong Speed Equalized
  9. Jackythejack

    Suuuure: Fluffy vs Mysterio

    You know what, the movie version of the match didn't work out well. Comics Mysterio would be given a much better chance here I'd assume. Both High 8-C, we'll say a one day of prep for each of them to make this fair. None can make items higher than High 8-C, so no 3-A thing for Fluffer. Speed...
  10. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    Mysterio team Vs your favorite character.

    Mysterio, Mysterio (Marvel Cinematic Universe), and Mysterio (Spectacular Spider-Man) all decide that they want your favorite character dead. They get 6 months of prep, working together, while your favorite character has no prep. Speed is equalized How do they do?
  11. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    Mysterio Attack Potency revision.

    So Mysterio being able to match spiderman physically is inconsistent, which is fine. but isn't his tech usually portrayed as a threat to spiderman? Mysterio hits spiderman with a Ray gun, which temporarily knocking spiderman to the ground. Spiderman describes Robot Cyclopes lasers as...
  12. AB1124

    Mysterio (Marvel Comics) VS Scarecrow (Arkham)

    Who takes this fight with one week prep time?
  13. The_Impress

    Mysterio! Stop hitting yourself! (COMPLETE)

    "So this is what Earth-199999 looks like..." Beck mutters to himself as he walks out of his dimension traveller, "Primitive, just the way I want it". After realizing that both the Ultimate universe, and the Mainstream universe was filled to the brim with high-tech villains far superior to...
  14. Prometeus1999

    Lets talk about Mysterio (MCU)

    Comment on what you think about the character, his level and potential

    Scarecrow vs Mysterio

    Only modifiers are that Scarecrow can only turn into scarebeast, not Yellow lantern, and We will be using Quinten Beck mysterio. So who has the better hallucinogen? The master of fear, or The master of illusions?
  16. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Adding more abilities to one of my favorite characters: Mysterio!

    So I'm glad the profile was made but...it is just Unknown. Glad the suit part was added, but if all his stats are unknown why does he even have Superhuman Physical Characteristics? Anyway back on topic. So I have a few pictures from my Spider-Man encyclopedia. Acid/Smoke/Poison Manipulation...