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mira (dragon ball)

  1. StrymULTRA

    Dragon Ball Heroes/Xenoverse - Profile Split

    Warning: This is NOT a Canon Split, but just a profile split. So, we know already that Heroes and Xenoverse are accepted as being within the same multiverse, meaning that similar forces scale. BUT this does not justify the profile having both Xenoverse and Heroes in the same profile as...
  2. Maizesoup

    Mira vs The Condesce

    Base Xenoverse 2 Mira is used Speed equalized Battle takes place in Derse, starting distance is 5 meters Mira: 0 Condesce: 0 Incon: 0
  3. Nitro90

    Question about the Demon Gods

    Unholy Manipulation for Mechikabura,Towa,Mira,Demigra,Fu (Dragon Ball),Shroom,Chamel,Salsa,Gravy Via Demon God Magic AND Resistance to Unholy Manipulation Son Goku (Xeno),Future Trunks (Xeno),Beat (Dragon Ball Heroes),Chronoa,Grand Priest (Dragon Ball Heroes) Via resistance/immunity to Demon...
  4. Super_Saiyan_God_Julian

    About Dragon Ball's 2-B characters

    I don't know if anyone has noticed as of now, but if you looked at the non-canon Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Heroes' profiles and didn't know anything about the size and scope of Dragon Ball's multiverse, you wouldn't think that there would be any reason for them to be placed at 2-B, rather than...
  5. Maverick_Zero_X

    DB speed upgrade unrelated to Timeless Voids

    Mira is stated to transcend time, supported by the fact that he's stated to exist outside its flow altogether. An existence beyond the limitations of linear time would grant Immeasurable speed.
  6. RashFaustinho

    Regular Mira Downgrade (Dragon Ball) (also, additional info from new game)

    In the Mira page it is stated that he was able to take on both Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Buu... in their "non-canonical" version, that is their Toei version which has upgrades compared to their manga counterpart. First off, how has it been determined that those two he faced were their "non-canon"...
  7. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Revisions for Future Warrior (XV2) to just 2-B

    Shouldnt those comparable to the likes of Xenoverse's equivalent of BoG SSG Goku just be plain 2-B ? Future Warrior was treated as such on his profile during the BoG saga ... and Base Goku (directly after BoG but well before RoF) fought Base Demigra and was considered a significant threat...
  8. ZeroTC01

    Better Profile Pictures for Mira (Dragon Ball)

    So, the current profile pictures for Mira's Supervillain form and his Final Form aren't very good. They're basically a shot of the side of his face and a shot of his upper body. So, I found two images which I think are better suited for the wiki's standards - a full body shot of both forms...
  9. SSJRyu1

    A few ability additions for Mira and Towa

    1. Mira in heroes shows Regenerationn when he comes back later to defend Towa, after being vaporized by Trunks previously. I beleive this would be mid-high regen. https://imgur.com/a/0eQsiOa 2. Mira has Nuova's fighting sun technique in Xenoverse, Omegas minus power energy ball and Janembas...
  10. Ionliosite

    Demon Standard Abilities

    What are the standard abilities shared by Dragon Ball demons? Since many Saiyans have abilities they haven't shown in spite of being Saiyans, I want to know what the shared abilities for Demons are.
  11. BlazetheStriker

    Fu has some daddy issues.

    Heroes Fu vs Final Form Mira (Xenoverse 2) Both at 2-B Speed equalized Battle is in the time rift. Fu cannot turn Super
  12. Zenkaibattery1

    Minor Mira addition

    Mira with Toki-Toki's egg absorbed should have space-time manipulation. As stated on his profile, the egg would allow him to control time and space.
  13. Ricsi-viragosi

    monika vs monika

    speed equal 2c for mira
  14. HST_Master

    Gogeta vs Mira

    Super Saiyan Gogeta vs Xenoverse 1 Mira Speed Unequal unless needed Gogeta: 0 Mira: 1 Strongest Fighter Co-Leader of the Time Breakers
  15. Super_Saiyan_God_Julian

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse possible Revisions

    Hello and Happy New Year 2018 to everyone here. Now I know there have been many DBX content revision threads recently and there has been a lot of Future Warrior hype recently as well (looking at you DB vs Digimon threads). I feel like with the evidence brought to the table recently I feel like...
  16. The_real_cal_howard

    Mira vs Kirby

    Mira was going to interfere with, idk, the Cell Saga, and to his chagrin, has a small puffball in front of him, wanting to stop him. Mira resolves to take out the nuisance to continue his goal. Speed equalized and both are in character. Base Mira (obviously), by the way.
  17. David102745

    Mira Respect Thread

    Mira Transcends, Is Beyond And Exists Outside Of Space-Time. After Absorbing The Egg (Which Can Create Timelines), Mira Became Stronger Than XV1 Demigra, Who Was Capable Of Destroying And Warping A Countless Number Of Timelines. Mira Stated That He Got Limitless Power From Absorbing The Egg...
  18. The_real_cal_howard

    Mira vs Darkrai

    Given that I heard that Demigra vs Arceus was...not gonna end well for the demon, maybe this one'll be fairer. The closest thing to a bishie Mythical Pokémo vs the dude who probably has Demigra posters all around his room. Speed equalized, for obvious reasons.
  19. AnonymouXOtakuX

    More questions (about Dragon Ball Xenoverse and potentially Heroes)

    like the title said i have more questions, though this time it is concerning, Mira and Towa (this might turn into a content revision thread, but as of right now its just questions i have on my mind) So, i was looking at the Towa and Mira profiles and i notice that it had, towa's demon god form...
  20. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Xenoverse Discussion II

    https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/961876 Here is the last thread. We concluded that DBH Demigra is 2-B . However, here is my main problem. If DBH is 2-B... May i ask why Xenoverse isn't 2-B via scaling as well ? The Demigra who did that in DBH was a Base Demigra, and considering in Dragon Ball...
  21. AppleLord

    Time Breaker Bardock & Mira Missing Abilities

    Bardock Time Travels from Buu Era to Beerus Era: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4LGGla5sNzE Timeframe: 4:44 - 5:30 Mira & Bardock Time Travel again: Timeframe: 9:55
  22. LegendsVII

    Why The Future Warrior (XV2) and Final Form Mira Should be 3-A

    Ultimately, Final Form Mira being 2-C and the Future Warrior beating him (along with Goku) does not prove that the Future Warrior is also 2-C. While Final Form Mira was going to merge the "main Universe" (I'm not even sure he said that verbatim, and even if he said anything along those lines...
  23. Doctor Eggman vs Mira

    Eggma piloting the Time Eater vs Final Form Mira Speed Equalized. Mira is bloodlusted Eggman is serious Battle takes place at the Center of Time (that weird place where Sonic fought the Time Eater )

    Mira vs SCP-682

    Mira is High 3-A Who wins?
  25. The_Ultimate_Dragon_Slayer

    Mira vs Demigra

    Who's the strongest villain of the Xenoverse series? Base Demigra vs XV1 Mira, in other words 4-B versions. Speed equalized if necessary. If there's anything against the rules in this fight I'll close this. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Demigra https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mira
  26. Mysterymist_the_omnipotent_interplanetary_idiot

    mira final form vs doraemon

    ok you know doraemon is a low 2c because of what if?phone box mira has absorbed a whole timeline match must be won by death or KO
  27. The_Living_Tribunal1

    Mira vs Fusion Zamasu (Immortal soul)

    Mira (final form) vs Immortal Soul Fusion Zamasu Fusion Zamasu: 4 Final form Mira: 1
  28. Ultima_Reality

    Xenoverse 2 Power Scalling

    So, i saw a few Xenoverse profiles on this wiki, and yeah i agree with Low 2-C Future Warrior, but... I think that Time Patrol Trunks should be downgraded to 3-B or 3-A, and his fight with Future Warrior should be counted as a Outlier, why? Its because he was shown difficult to fight Mira and...
  29. SSJRyu1

    Xenoverse 1/2 upgrades

    So I finished X 2 recently and I wanted to compile a blog of significant feats/statements that should imo allow for major upgrades to the god tiers of Xenvoerse 1/2. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:SSJRyu1/Xenoverse_1/2_upgrades
  30. AnonymouXOtakuX

    Mira vs Goku Black

    So who do you guys think would win round 1: 4-B mira vs 4-B goku black round 2: 3-A mira vs 3-A goku black round 3: supervillain form mira vs ssr goku black Goku Black
  31. Darkmon_cns

    Concern over Mira's profile

    It lacks a notable atacks and techniques section so there is no info on how his abilty applies to combat. This should be fixed.
  32. The_real_cal_howard

    Mira vs Giratina

    Mira's rite of passage into Tier 2 is to fight this guy. Giratina sensed the danger Mira posed to the universe, and decided to fight him, albeit while sealed. Speed is equalized. Giratina: 6 Mira: 2
  33. AnonymouXOtakuX

    shouldn't mira get the pre TB (time breaker) Bardock fight and post TB Bardock fight keys

    mira fought the time patroller after he had defeated an amped golden frieza, meaning he is possibly universe level he is already multi galactic, but after TB Bardock's mask came off, they fought and after the fight he got stronger way stronger, towa even says that his power was beyond anything...
  34. Darkmon_cns

    A page for Dragon Ball Online

    There has been talk about makeing a separate page for xenoverse on the xenoverse discussion thread thout I would make a thread for it.