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junko (touhou project)

  1. Wdinatx

    Junko (Touhou) vs Neptune (Neptunia) [Cancelled for being a stomp]

    The Nameless Being vs The Guardian Goddess of Planeptune: Both are 2-C, Speed is Equalized, Neptune starts in current base but can enter HDD and they’re both in-character. Neptune: Junko:
  2. Robo432343

    Li Qiye vs Junko (Strongest Non Smurf)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Li_Qiye vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Junko_(Touhou_Project) SBA Speed =
  3. Mad_Dog_of_Fujiwara

    Minor Nameless God Update [Touhou]

    hey Key Name Change The "Primordial Form" key should be renamed to "Nameless Form"; While this state of being doesn't have a canon name, it is defined by lacking a name more than anything else, while "primordial form" isn't really based on anything. Also, nameless form just sounds COOLER and...
  4. BlastX

    Greek God & Revenge Incarnate VS Greek God & Revenge Incarnation Female edition

    This match up can't be added since it's a team match that's with two characters who didn't team up to fight...ever. Basically this is Kratos & Zeus VS Hecatia Lapislazuli & Junko. Hope Kratos and Fear Zeus is used. Battle takes place where the final fight of GOW2 took place...
  5. Shmooply

    Remove Junko's Physical World/Avatar key (Touhou Project)

    As has been established in both the lore of Touhou and the profiles for the verse, gods can make a multitude of avatars for themselves, and pretty much all of the gods that have been fought in the games and other medias were just avatars of said gods, all except for one. Even though this god...
  6. ArachDusa

    Makoto vs. Junko, but something's not right

    Makoto Vs. Junko Both Low 2-C. Speed equalized (to Makoto's immeasurable rating, assuming it changes anything). Round A: Makoto vs. Primordial form Junko, win via incap or kill, willpower disabled President of the Student Council: 3 An Abstract Concept: 0 Round B: Makoto vs. Junko's physical...
  7. Pixy

    The Battle between the most strongest (Mom) characters in both fictions Junko ( Touhou Project ) vs Najimi Ajimu ( Medaka Box )

    this idea hit me when I realize both characters rarely get match in these day so here vs Speed Equal Unseal Ajimu used The Wrath Mom : The Oldest Mom :
  8. Shiroiyo

    Freyja (Fire Emblem) vs Junko (Touhou Project)

    My first battle, I hope it's not so one-sided. Freyja : Junko : Speed is equal
  9. Hecatia_Gaming

    Touhou Deities Upgrades 2 (Featuring Hecatia from Touhou Series)

    Hi. So this thread will work as a kind of continuation of this one that talked about some amount of things that the gods of the series should have. However, I still think there are more abilities that could be added to the profiles. That's the main thing that I have to say, just let's begin. And...
  10. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Monika vs Junko (Touhou Project)

    The Yandere's Profile Junko's Profile Rules use low 2-C monika. base timmy bloodlusted knowledge of each other speed equalized If they can't kill. use incap or bfr. at first i wanted to use kamen rider but bowser seems to be better. (though given bowsers powers i'm a bit worried) Edit...
  11. Cultivator_Daemon

    Dante attempts to take Junko's spot as the 2nd strongest in High 3-A

    Conditions: This is DMC 1 Dante (High 3-A Version) and High 3-A Junko. Both combatants are in-character. Speed is equalized. Dante is restricted of Devil Sword Sparda Voting: Dante (Devil May Cry): Junko (Touhou Project): Inconclusive: 4 (Mister6ame6, BlastX, Stillwinston, and StrymULTRA)
  12. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Touhou Type 2 Conceptual Manip

    So we currently treat "names" in Touhou as being Type 3 concepts. However, we know: In the beginning, nothing in this world had a name. It was a world in which all things were mixed together in chaos. However, the gods in those ancient times gave a name to every last thing, and so the orderly...
  13. No_Might

    HA DIO And GER VS Junko(touhou)

    r1 : Junko Vs GER r2: Junko Vs HA DIO
  14. ShivaShakti

    Battle for the Strongest High 3-A: D (VHD) vs Junko (Touhou Project)

    Speed is equalized and both comabatants are High 3-A. D's Akashic Records are restricted, and he cannot transform. D: 1 (Oblivion) Junko: Inconclusive: 8 (Bob, Overlord, Ega, Milly, Mrame, Brunout, Dante.Lord)
  15. Wardokman69

    Pure Furies vs Chaos itself

    aight, lets get some SCP vs Touhou. Junko vs SCP-3999 both are Low 2-C version Junko is in her abstract form Speed... hmm, i think no need to equalized since both are omnipresent SBA Angry Mother A Particularly Malicious SCP
  16. Azh'Voroph_the_Crypt_Lord

    Where are my kids??? Bruh momento numero 11

  17. Alitudil0

    Kakyoin vs Junko

    ok, this is my first match in this wiki. hopefully this doesn't break the rule. speed equalized location : polpo bed. Ultimate Milf Hunter : Space Mom : "i feel like dying" : if this stomp, Kakyoin can use this form. rerorerorero
  18. Unoriginal_Memes

    The Key to Victory is Purifying

    Junko VS The Batter I know this has been done before but it wasn't added and I'm sure The Batter has gotten some revisions since then. Anyways, End-Game Batter is being used and speed is equalized. Junko: The Batter: Inconclusive:
  19. Junkoposter

    The last character profile you last looked at has to fight the Lunar Invasion Trio. How hecced are you?

    How well shall you fair! (The Lunar Invasion Trio is Hecatia Lapislazuli, Junko (Touhou Project), and Clownpiece)
  20. Junkoposter

    it had to happen at some point (Junko vs. Chang'e)

    speed is equalized takes place on the moon [Pure Space Mom: [CHAAAANG'E: incon:
  21. Existed Before Concepts

    Exist Before Concept give you a resistance to Conceptual Manipulation? Because Nil existed before Concept of Time and "Something" Touhou gods like Junko have a resistance to conceptual stuff due to precede concepts so i guess Other characters who precede concept should have a resistance
  22. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Junko vs Amaterasu

    vs speed equalized Junko: Amaterasu: tie: FIGHT!!!!!!!
  23. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Junko vs Nicol Bolas

    More MILF match. Maybe it won't be a stomp for Bolas. Maybe. Fox vs Drago Speed is equalized because rip Bolas' speed. Junko is bloodlusted.
  24. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Junko vs Kirby

    MILF vs Ball Not sure if it's a stomp. Kirby may have enough hax to counter Junko's own. Or maybe not. Speed is equalized. Both are in character. Starts at 40 meters.
  25. ThePerpetual

    A couple of questions about The Batter's Versus threads

    This thread, currently on The Batter's profile, pits a considerably nerfed and relatively hax-less version of The Batter against a character that was formerly 4-C, and has seemingly been buffed since then. Would this render this thread unviable? Additionally, this thread has been removed...
  26. HaruhiOfTheSuzumiya

    Junko (Touhou) VS Junko (Danganronpa)

    I just made this because of the similarity in their name. Junko clearly stomps, but i still wanna know why Junko loses. Junko: 1 Junko: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  27. BiasedForDioBrando

    Junko (Touhou Project) vs The Batter (OFF)

    Both of these characters need more love and I thought that since they both have their own ideas of Purification, that this might be interesting. The Batter at 4-C and both in character. Junko: 7 Batter: 1 Inconclusive: 1
  28. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Junko vs Frieza

    Needed a match for poor Junko. Lonely Milf vs Ice-type Space Lizard This is Final Form Frieza (DBZ). Both are in character, but they treat the other as a legit threat that must be put down. Speed Equalized to Junko's level. Battle is on the surface of Touhou's Moon's seas.
  29. Verivici

    Yukari upgrade

    Is Yukari really weaker than say, Junko? She lost the youkai war on purpose for one, and considering her nature as canonically one of the most almighty beings in the touhou verse I personally don't find it likely that some Divine Spirit is billions of times stronger than her. Especially...