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illusion creation

  1. Mad_Dog_of_Fujiwara

    Illusions, Resistances, and Enhanced Senses

    If a character can see through illusions, is there any way to determine whether illusion resistance to enhanced senses is more appropriate? Because I've looked at a few profiles with similar illusion-denying feats, and they seem to go back and forth between the two. Is it basically just up to...
  2. Yemma670

    About Perception Manipulation and Illusion Creation

    I've looked at both Perception manipulation and Illusion Creation pages and I can't for the life of me tell the difference. Is there a reason for the distinctions?

    Chou Goku CRT

    The feat. Right now this is accepted as Illusion Creation for Goku. But I think Duplication is a far more consistent conclusion for this feat. Edit: the links somehow aren't working (at least for me), so I put the scans in a single link in order here. First of all, illusions are "false...
  4. SamanPatou

    Small Goku (Chou) addition

    So, the monthly chapter was released, and Goku showcased a new ability, i.e. creating illusory clones of himself. These things aren't afterimages, since Goku stood still in the air while they were moving, therefore I think he should have Illusion Creation in his UI key. Since Whis states that...
  5. C2_of_Omegon

    Question about Illusions and Mind Manip resistance

    So do illusions fall under resistance to Mind hax? Like if someone has a psychic ability to project illusions but you are resistant to Mind Manip in general (like being able to keep people from even getting into your mind to manipulate it) would you be able to throw them off?
  6. Eficiente

    We should preferably make a page for Hologram Creation

    It's not really accurate how profiles like MCU Mysterio and Rick have Illusion Creation via holograms. If one can resist illusions/mind manip that wouldn't mean anything as that the images would be "real". Any sound a hologram could make is just added Sound Manipulation. Alternatively, we could...
  7. The_Smashor

    Illusionary characters question

    If a character exists solely as a tangible illusion, what would that be?
  8. Kidkinsey

    top 10 naruto characters equal stats edition

    1 Godara/Juudara- only senjutsu and tajutsu can harm him among the best regen in the verse 4 limbo clones all realitive to him sussano amped by all the biju all the rinnegan abilities TSOs wood style izanagi genjutsu kamui and Meteor spam 2 Naruto- can make atleast 2000 clones all realtive to...
  9. Kidkinsey

    TYBW aizen and KS

    To release yourself from KS in the past you would have to touch the sword before its released, now that it became his entire body, would hitting aizen before he releases it be a viabale way of avoiding the hypnosis? because we know he still has to release it, he said it in the fight with ywach
  10. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    Question about hallucinations

    I'm confused about psychedelic drugs/poison being Illusion Creation or Perception Manipulation. There's a panel in the MKX comics where Scorpion gets drugged by one of his students who was possessed by a demon. He was experiencing hallucinations until he snapped out of it, and I want to know if...
  11. LordGriffin1000

    What does this fall under

    Got another thread here that's more complicated than the last one I created. So another boss can create illusions that are stated to distort the fabric of reality. She can create illusions, make a person look like another, make people here things, and Read people's mind. This is obviously...
  12. Steven_Pogi_Paitao

    Question about Illusions

    Summoning people that are identical to you and act as decoys can be counted as limited Illusion Creation?
  13. Mand21

    Shouldn't the page on Illusion Creation be more detailed?

    I am sorry if this does not fit the Content Revision board: I am actually in doubt on whether it should be posted here (CR) or on the Q&A board. Anyways, I've come to notice a thing: several pages on the category of powers and abilities are highly detailed on the branches of a power, its...
  14. HrishikeshM

    question about illusions and sensing

    my question is very straightforward. characters who can sense energies should have limited resistance to visual illusions, no? because they can sense whether the illusion is emitting energy or not, they can tell if it is real or not...