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  1. The_real_cal_howard

    Gallantmon vs Homeostasis

  2. Schnee_One

    Sailor Moon vs Gallantmon

    Well Dodo wanted a win on SMs profile for a change, so let's make a match where SM doesn't obviously lose.... Speed is Equalized, 2C versions, fought atop of Fimbulventer. Usagi: 1 Gallantmo: 3 Inconclusive: 2
  3. Dragonmasterxyz

    Gallantmon CM vs Future Warrior

    Seeing as Arkadimon stomped due to being nonexistent. Let's try a guy who is never used....unless you're PaChi. So that fight never counted. ovo Digimon vs Dragon Ball The Crimson Royal Knight vs The Time Patroller -Both 2-C -Speed Equal -Crimson Mode Gallantmon -SBA -Takes place in...
  4. PaChi2

    Gallantmon Crimson mode vs Beelzemon Blast Mode

    Yes, simple. Takato vs Beelzemon, basically. I dunno if the matchup is any different with other incarnations, tho. Go! Gallantmo vs Beelzemo
  5. The_real_cal_howard

    A giant knight monster fights a lake fairy

    Gallantmo (at 2-C) vs Azelf.
  6. Laughing_Manson

    Possible Beelzemon upgrade

    Ok, Beelzemo's Tamers key is listed as Solar System level (4-B) due to the fact that he, at full power, destroyed base Megidramo, and is comparable to base Gallantmo. However, they're both listed as at least Universe level+ (Low 2-C), Gallantmon for being equal to ChaosGallantmo, who almost...
  7. Dragonmasterxyz

    Digimon Franchise: Royal Knights Revision

    Hello, once again we are here to discuss the Royal Knights. So everyone, get your popcorn ready and strap in for a wild ride. Because this will be a long one. ovo I will also note that this CRT is thanks to...(Guess who)...Executor N0. If you guessed right you deserve a cookie. Just not from...
  8. Kaltias

    A question about Gallantmon's tier

    Why Base Gallantmon is rated as "At least 3-A, likely Low 2-C"? According to his profile, he is equal to a Low 2-C and comparable to two "At least Low 2-C". So why he isn't simply rated as "Low 2-C"?
  9. Kaltias

    Gallantmon vs Akron

    Bullet Heaven 2 Akron vs Base Gallantmon. Both at 3-A and bloodlusted, speed is equalized. Standard Battle Assumptions otherwise. Victory via any means. Akro:2 (Darkanine, Denpahero) Gallantmo:2 (Dragonmasterxyz, Grudgeman1706) Inconclusive:0 ()
  10. Burning_Full_Fingers

    Giratina vs. Gallantmon

    The fight takes place in an indestructible universe so they can have space to play and hopefully be good friends forever. Giratina: Gallantmo: Inconclusive: 1 Sealed Form Giratina and Crimson Mode Gallantmon. Speed is equalized. Who wins?
  11. The_real_cal_howard

    Data Duel-- Robo vs Gallantmon

    After defeating their respective 2-A Eldrich Horrors, the two decide to have just a fun duel. No hax that has a high chance of killing the opponent for either side. This is a fun battle. Winner is determined by incap.
  12. Dragonmasterxyz

    Dante(Devil May Cry) vs Gallantmon

    Gallantmon commends Dante for keeping his world safe from the Devils. He wants to enlist Dante to help the Royal Knights defeat the Seven Great Demon Lords. But first he wants to see if he can keep up with him and his fellow knights. And thus a grand battle begins. They are in a realm in which...
  13. Burning_Full_Fingers

    Fusion Zamasu vs. Gallantmon

    Well, I was told that this might not be a stomp like his match with Moon, so here's to hoping that's the case. And well, if it is, Alphamon lies in wait... https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Fusion_Zamasu https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gallantmo Round 1: Light of Justice Zamasu and...
  14. SuperKamiNappa

    Gallantmon vs. Hit

    Speed Equalized Base Gallantmon Who wins and why?
  15. TakatoBlue

    Olympos XII VS Royal Knights (DIGIMON)

    For RK's > 3-A/base only, no Cyber Sleuth versions.