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captain underpants

  1. HonestlyBored24

    The Malevolent March of the Malicious Moon (Captain Underpants vs. The Core) (7-0-0, GRACE!)

    Behold, the match nobody asked for but got anyway! Da Roolz Speed is equalized. Both are in-character, have no prior knowledge, and start 4km away. The battle takes place in a version of space where the air is breathable (CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS IN SPACE!). The Core is using it’s Final Gambit, and...
  2. AceOfSpaces3709

    Caped Baldies: Saitama VS Captain Underpants (0-0-0)

    Mr Krupp Captain Underpants and Post-Training Saitama will be used, Starting distance is 10 m, Speed is equalized, and Battle takes place at the Hero Costume Contest Saitama’s AP is at least 59.44 Zettatons of TNT Captain Underpants’ AP is also 59.44 Zettatons of TNT The AP gap is roughly...
  3. ZerotheMimikyu

    Darkwing Duck vs Captain Underpants

    Darkwing doesn't have any battles so.... Rules: Both at 5-B Speed is equalize Og Darkwing is used in this fight, not 2017 darkwing, just to make it clear Captain underpants: Darkwing Duck: Draw: Wiki links OG Darkwing Duck: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Darkwing_Duck Captain Underpants...
  4. ColonelSlyBanjo

    Captain Underpants vs MCU Thanos

    Captain Underpants vs. Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase 4 - Avengers: Infinity War Thanos had taken the Power stone from the Xandarians. Captain underpants has heard rumors about a Mad Titan obtaining really strong cosmic Stones so he flew around the galaxy and down to Xander and sees the...
  5. CowHeadGod

    Captain Underpants Speed Revisions

    So I've been re-reading Captain Underpants and I've noticed one big problem that's been bugging me ever since and it's about CU's speed. Currently, he's as FTL+ based on this calc and the statement of "Would have flown to Uranus and back in 15 minutes or less to grab a kickball", however, there...
  6. Mel0n45

    Captain Underpants vs Panty

    The Crime Fighting Undergarment Slinger vs The Anarchy Sister! The Elastic Wasteband vs- yeah you know where I'm getting here Captain Underpants at peak (Large Planet Level) -Speed equalized -Takes place in Daten City -Underpants has a day of prep Captain Underpants...
  7. BigSmoke4269

    Captain Underpants Upgrade..?

    Captain Underpants should be comparable to the Harold 2000, who kicked a kickball hard enough to rip through the fabrics of reality. Keep in mind, he hadn't even gone into his attack mode yet.
  8. Walker21232123

    Captain Underpants/Dogman Discussion Thread 2

    As the title says, bring up stuff about Captain Underpants or Dogman, be it reviews of books, new powers, feats, etc.. Have fun, guys!
  9. GojiBoyForever

    Underdog VS Captain Underpants

    Why wasn't this done before? Both 5-A Speed Equalized Battle takes place 1 centimeter away in New Mexico Underdog: Captain Underpants: Inconclusive:
  10. Stalker_Maggot

    Captain Underpants vs Superman (GRACE)

    Captain Underpants needs more fights so... Rules: Both at 5-B Speed equalized https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Captain_Underpants https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Superman_(Christopher_Reeve) Captain Underpants: Superman: 7 Tie:
  11. Christian_Higdon

    Captain Underpants Discussion Thread

    As the title says, bring up stuff about Captain Underpants, be it reviews of books, new powers, feats, etc.. Have fun, guys!
  12. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    Captain Underpants and the Underwear Upgrade

    Hax: Captain Underpants has 100% cotton powered vision that lets him see for miles He can also perform the Underpants Dance, which is guaranteed to annoy anyone in view(Mind Manipulation?) Lifting Strength: Captain Underpants extremely casually shoves the Turbo Toilet 2000 into the air, who...
  13. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    Captain Underpants and the Manhandling of the Maniacal Monkey

    Captain Underpants vs Raditz Who wins? Speed equalized.
  14. GyroNutz

    This is what you made me do

    Saitama vs Captain Underpants Two boring, baseline planet busters throw down. This is Mr Krupp Captain Underpants and speed is equal Who wins and why? Saitama: 7 Captain Underpants: Inconclusive:
  15. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Captain Underpants (Comics) VS Godzilla (Hanna Barbera)

    Speed equalized. Captain Underpants is his comic version. So, which planet-buster takes the W? Tra-La-Laaaa!
  16. Paladinporter

    Captain Underpants vs Ichigo Kurosaki

    Both 5-B Speed Equalized Who wins and why?
  17. StarShipClone128

    Captain Underpants vs Harry Potter

    The Waistband Warrior vs The Hero of Hogwarts! Who will win and who will lose? Captain Underpants vs Harry Potter
  18. ArgentinianDeadpool

    Captain Underpants VS Yamcha

    Speed equalized. Both 5-B. Captain Underpants: Yamcha: 7
  19. The_Wright_Way

    Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Capricious Juggalo

    Captain Underpants vs Gamzee Makara. Speed equalized. Both at 5-b. vs.
  20. Paladinporter

    Captain Underpants vs Ragna the Bloodedge

    Both 5-A Forms. Speed Equalized. Win by KO. Who wins and why?
  21. TheManChild1337

    Mega Man X vs Captain Underpants?

    The worst joke battle on the site. Speed unequalized unless considered a stomp for either side,Also this is using 5-B X and 5-A Captain Underpants Captain Underpants: Mega Man X:
  22. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    Something about Mr. Krupp

    He's not just a regular human, he lasted a short time when fighting the Turbo Toilet 2000 and his attacks visibly hurt him.
  23. Sparky_"Dante"_Marky1234

    Captain Underpants revisions

    First off, the calc on Captain Underpants page listing him at Large Planet level leads to the calc on my G+ profile. I have considered reseting my Google+ account, and doing so means the calc is gone. I would like to suggest that this link is used for the calc instead of the current one. I'd...
  24. The_Wright_Way

    Captain Underpants vs Bro

    Both at 5-b Speed equalized. vs.
  25. Huesito88

    Captain Underpants vs Saitama

    Two bald heroes fighting it out Both Captain Underpants and Saitama are in their 5-B tier Speed equalized Morals on Win by death