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buffy summers

  1. ByArrow

    Luffy (Netflix )VS The Slayer (Buffyverse) | 0-4

    Rules: Speed equal First key slayer is used SBA for everything else Vote: Luffy: The Slayer: @MintyBoi1 @Mariogoods @AThe1412 @That_moron2
  2. ByArrow

    Superman (Smallville) VS The Slayer

    Rules: Speed equal 9-A Superman (Season 1-3) First key slayer is used SBA for everything else Vote: Superman: The Slayer:
  3. ByArrow

    Metro Man VS The Slayer

    Rules: Speed equal Collective Slayer Powers key slayer is used SBA for everything else Vote: Metro Man: The Slayer:
  4. Stillwinston

    Two vampire hunters duke it out. Buffy vs Trevor Belmont (Netflix)

    So I saw that Buffy got a massive verse rework, lets try this matchup I guess Speed is equalised Fight takes place in a massive bar Both are 10 meters apart Trevor is 9-A, his morningstar whip is restricted Buffy's first key is being used, her optional equipment is restricted SBA otherwise...
  5. ByArrow

    Black Widow (MCU) VS The Slayer (Buffyverse) |0-7

    Rules: Speed equal First key slayer is used SBA for everything else Vote: Black Widow: The Slayer: @Mickey1940 @Stillwinston @Serlock_Holmes @DimeUhDozen @AThe1412 @Peppersalt43
  6. ByArrow

    Homelander VS The Slayer | 1-7

    Rules: Speed equal 9-A Homelander First key slayer is used SBA for everything else Vote: Homelander: @Vzearr The Slayer (Buffyverse): @Random-Helper323 @AThe1412 @ItsOnlyDanny3 @BEASTHEART880 @DivineAura44 @Kisaragi_Megumi @GFArrow
  7. ByArrow

    The Slayer VS The Original Hybrid

    Rules: Speed equal Second key Klaus is used First key Slayer is used SBA for everything else Vote: The Original Hybrid: The Slayer: @MaidRips
  8. ByArrow

    She Hulk fights The Slayer (Buffyverse)

    Rules: Speed equal First key slayer is used SBA for everything else Vote: She-Hulk (Marvel Cinematic Universe): The Slayer (Buffyverse): @noninho, @AThe1412, @Random-Helper323
  9. ByArrow

    BuffyVerse Revision

    Introduction Welcome everyone to BuffyVerse revision. Before I begin I would like to thank @Mr._Bambu , @KLOL506, @Executor_N0, @Psychomaster35 for helping with the calculations. ow without further talking let's get into the revisions!! Keys Everyone in the verse needs new and corrected keys...
  10. ByArrow


  11. Random-Helper323

    Buffyverse Revisions

    The current pages for Buffy the Vampire Slayer are a complete mess. First, the main cast is rated as building level or small building level depending on the page based on Buffy and Spike bringing a house down. The feat in question is this here This is after they fight. Most of the house is...
  12. Megamuffin1986

    Buffy Summers vs Blade (Blade film series)

    Some of the 90s best vampire slayers with superhuman strength and a distressingly close relationship with vampires (as buffy dated 2 and blade kind of is one) Speed equalized and no outside help (so no spells from willow or anything like that)
  13. Jackythejack

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. Abraham Lincoln who also kills vampires.

    A Slayer vs. a Hunter ! We will assume Good ol' Lincoln is 8-C so that he can compete with Buffy, as it says he is possibly 8-C in the profile, and speed is going to be equalized here. Fight takes place at the Lincoln Memorial. Who's gonna win?
  14. LordXcano

    Supersonic reactions?

    There's no justification on the page, she just has them. In a series as long as Buffy was, I'm sure there might be some feat like that, but where is it?
  15. Otakuzoid

    Buffy Summers VS Xena

    Both are the main female characters in their respective series. Both have super human abilities. Both are total badasses. Fight takes place in a graveyard at night. Both are allowed all of their equipment. Both are bloodlusted. Round 1: without prep time Round 2: with prep time