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black bolt

  1. Ayewale

    3/C 3-A AP Black Bolt

    The Feat The Conlusion Black Bolt's voice either gets upgraded to being "up to 3-C with his voice" or, if you're being more generous, "up to 3-C, potentially 3-A, with his voice".
  2. Aseka

    Bolt's deconstruction

    According to this scene, Black Bolt accidentally killed his own parents. As you can see, he use his sound ability to killed them into pieces. Should he get Deconstruction?
  3. Oliver_de_jesus

    Black Bolt vs Scarlet Witch with a twist

    MoM Wanda with 0 prior knowledge about who is black bolt In character Win via K.O or incap, Speed equal The battle takes place in this Battle zone I Get a Nerf as Flash in the movie: What nerf?: come on, what is 1+12?:
  4. The_Impress

    Marvel "Upgrades"

    So after the tier-drop from tier 5 to tier 6, alot of peak feats previously dismissed as outliers are FAR more notable, so this thread will bring them to light. Binary: So basically Binary's low end always pissed me off as she VERY blatantly shouldn't be anywhere near Thing tier. Binary very...
  5. Confluctor

    Black Bolt and Vector CRT

    Just adding some abilities. Black Bolt - Done Vector In discussion: Limited matter manipulation Incredible Hulk 1968 #304 Limited NPI IH #254 - deflected Vapor, who was intangible Btw, I didn't upload a lot of them to Imgur already because I don't wanna clog up my profile...
  6. The_Impress

    Marvel Revisions: Darkest Times

    Not much to say Black Knight This page just needs a massive rework. using this RT Base Extraordinary Genius (Can reverse engineer complex technology so that even children can use them, expert in magical weaponry, can create complex machinery from debris and develop his own technologies...
  7. QuasiYuri

    Franklin Richards resistance removal.

    "Possibly Resistance to Death Manipulation" because of resisting a power which isn't death manipulation ? It's just Franklin being more powerful than Black Bolt, so it should be removed.
  8. EcchiOtakuTM

    Black Bolt physically

    Black bolt should not just be physically comparable to iron man via handbooks. We've seen his master blow acknowledged to be equatable to hulk attacking. IMO I'm bringing this up to say it should be changed to up to SS level using powers. Because his voice is not the only thing at that level...
  9. EmperorRorepmeThree

    King Thanos

    I'm surprised he hasn't been added. I'm sure most of you should know King Thanos killed every being in the marvel universe including all the celestials and all the abstracts. I think he should at least be 2-C.
  10. Laserbeak3.0

    Saitama VS Black Bolt

    Who would win?
  11. SuperKamiNappa

    Black Bolt vs. Hal Jordan

    Speed Equalized No BFR Who wins and why?
  12. AnimeFanboy2916

    Son Goku (Buu Saga) vs Black Bolt

    Goku is in SSJ3 and both are at full power, and no holding back.