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amazo (post-crisis)

  1. Maverick_Zero_X

    Amazo question

    So uh, how is this justification Low 2-C?
  2. AwkguyDB

    Goku takes on the Justice League (Well if the League was one single entity.)

    Goku vs Amazo (Post Crisis) Both are Low 2-C and Post UI2 - SSJB Goku (can use SSJBKKx20 if needed) is used Speed Equalized
  3. JohnCenaNation

    Kars (Composite) vs Amazo (Composite)

    Note: It's beautiful of how we have two characters that can copy each other powers & abilities set, but no one ever tried putting this two in a composite battle thread. Let the battle of I have too many Stands versus I have too many Superpowers begin! vs. Rules: 1. This is the composite...
  4. Superray06

    Creepy 4-C Fight!

    Tier 4 (DUH) = Speed Battle at Castle Bleck Mimi: Amazo: Inconclusive: MIMIMIMIMIMI Amazing
  5. JackJoyce

    Alien X vs Amazo

    Alien X: 2 (19hmun, Crabwhale) Timazo: 4 (Schnee One, GyroNutz, Warren Valion, ABoogieYesSir) Speed-Equalized Ben has complete control over Alien X
  6. Antoniofer

    The Amazing Android Vs. An Evil Robot

    Amazo (Timazo) vs. Evil Robot. Speed is equalized. EDIT: Threadly reminder if you're going to follow a thread, do it manually since wikia seems to be glitching.
  7. Moathon

    Super Perfect Cell vs Amazo

    Two beings each made of their universes strongest fighters pitted against each other. Speed equalized. Amazo in his 4-B state.
  8. Son_Gandhi

    Vegeta vs Amazo

    Both low 2-c, speed equalized, world of void. Win by ko or death.
  9. Yobo_Blue

    Kars vs Amazo

    Kars (JORGE JOESTAR) vs Amazo (Post-Crisis) SBA Speed equal Who wins?
  10. Sir_Ovens

    Amazo vs Doomsday

    The Copier vs The Adaptor Base Amazo. Win via Death or Incapitation. Edit: Speed Equalized. Who wins and why?
  11. RadicalMrR

    Amazo Vs SCP-682

    High 4-C Amazo and 4-B SCP-682 R1)Speed equlized R2)Normal Priority to round 1
  12. AguilaR101

    Amazo vs Megaman X

    Amazo High 4-C with all the abilities he copied from the JL. X at the peak of his powers during X series, he gets all his copied abilities from the mavericks he has defeated up to that point. Round 1: Speed Equal Round 2: Unequal speed Which droid comes out on top?
  13. Guyx

    Medaka Kurokami vs Amazo

    Amazo has Worglogs powers, Medaka has The end. Medaka doesn't know about Amazos powers.