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amagiri ayato

  1. StorytellingDemonKing

    Deletion of The Asterisk War Characters

    So, I've been contemplating something about The Asterisk War, and it's weather or not the current character profiles should stay. Now, I reworked Ayato's page and added every single other character, and even I now thing the pages are in a really poor quality. IMO the biggest issue that I've...
  2. StorytellingDemonKing

    The Asterisk War CRT (Volume 10 stuff)

    The Asterisk War Volume 10 CRT Part 1 - AP and Speed Upgrades Massively Hypersonic+ Combat and Reaction Speed In earlier volumes, we got introduced to a character named Cecily Wong. She is from the Jie Long Seventh Institute and is known for her lightning speed and thunderous and lightning...
  3. StorytellingDemonKing

    The Asterisk War (Volume 9 stuff)

    Alright, back at it with Volume 9 additions. Relatively simple. Claudia Enfield Her intelligence section should be expanded upon with the following: She also should have Supernatural Willpower: Ayato Amagiri Ayato will get some new techniques for his Amagiri Shinmei Grappling Style...
  4. StorytellingDemonKing

    The Asterisk War CRT (Volume 8 stuff)

    Alrighty, we are finally getting further into the Gryps and moving farther and farther from what the anime covered. Now, Volume 8 stuff. Relatively small, considering the Gryps are in full swing. Ayato Amagiri In Volume 8 Ayato showcases more skills that should be added to "Notable...
  5. StorytellingDemonKing

    The Asterisk War CRT (Volume 7 stuff)

    Alright, finally done with what the anime covered, we can move foreward. We start off with Volume 7, which is mostly slice-of-life like, but is also meant as an introduction to The Gryps, or at least the characters that will appear in future volumes and some small foreshadowing. Anyway, the...
  6. StorytellingDemonKing

    The Asterisk War CRT (Volume 6 stuff)

    Alrighty, time for some Volume 6 upgrades and additions. After this, everything what the anime covered (Volume 1-6, or 2 seasons) will be covered and The Pheonix arc will come to a close. AP Upgrades In Volume 6, Julis blows up a giant Hydra which I calculated to be High 7-C...
  7. StorytellingDemonKing

    The Asterisk War CRT (Volume 5 stuff)

    In this CRT I will be adding things that are relevant to Volume 5. General Abilities Basically, all Genestella are quick healers, to the point first aid isn't necessary. So, currently, everyone who is one should receive Regeneration. Ayato Amagiri He should receive the following additions to...
  8. StorytellingDemonKing

    The Asterisk War CRT (Volume 4 stuff)

    Okay, it's been a while since I've actually made a CRT for this series. Since I've finished reading Volume 4 I think the characters need some additions. Ayato Amagiri First, he should receive Size Manipulation for the following reasons: Secondly, his Notable Attacks/Techniques section needs...
  9. StorytellingDemonKing

    Timeframe used for Amagiri Ayato's calculation

    So, currently the accepted end for this calculation uses 0.08 second timeframe, which is listed as peak human on the site. Here is the calculation itself: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:StorytellingDemonKing/Ayato_blitzes_2_opponents However, if you read my calculation you notice...
  10. StorytellingDemonKing

    The Asterisk War General Discussion

    Welcome to The Asterisk War General Discussion!
  11. StorytellingDemonKing

    The Asterisk War CRT (Volume 3 stuff)

    Alrighty, I have finished reading The Asterisk War Volume 3. In terms of anime, season 1 has been completed. So now, on to actual upgrades and some smaller additions. AP and Speed upgrades In Volume 3 Ayato blitzes 2 opponents in his and Julis first round. Here is the calculation...
  12. StorytellingDemonKing

    The Asterisk War CRT (Volume 2 stuff)

    Hello. So, I finished Volume 2 and have prepared some changes. Far less than previously, but changes non the less. For starters, Ayato's profile additions. Here is the sandbox so it can be compared to the current profile: Tu run down the additions: Added Martial Artist and Spear Mastery to...
  13. StorytellingDemonKing

    The Asterisk War CRT (Volume 1 stuff)

    Hello. In this CRT I want to revise Amagiri Ayato's profile. Currently it's in an extremely poor state. But I started reading the series, and I'm done with the sandbox for at least Volume 1. Here it is: I've also created a sandbox for Julis since she is an important character as well: To...
  14. Mand21

    A battle of quality! Killua from Hunter X Hunter faces off Ayato from Asterisk Wars!

    Killua Zoldyck versus Amagiri Ayato. Killua right before he became 8-B, fully equipped at the limits of his 9-B key. Nothing needs to be equalized, and thus nothing shall. This is a battle to the death, a battle for Killua to defend Hunter X Hunter's honor as a better anime than Asterisk War...
  15. Xmark12

    BATTLE OF THE OVERPOWERED MCs! Ikki Kurogane vs Amagiri Ayato!

    Ikki Kurogane vs Amagiri Ayato Rules: Win by K.O or cutting the Asterisk-verse's badge (Ikki will have one in the fight, and he'll know he'd either have to knock out Ayato or cut his badge to win) only! Speed equalized. Ikki cannot use Ittou Shura or Ittou Rasetsu. Ayato gets a day of prep...
  16. OwariNepgear

    Buff Ayato

    Gakusen Toshi Asterisk last episode, his fight against Hydra's feat: - Hydra's Dragon Breath with just 1 head can destroy a whole line of building easily, the explosion from this can be seen from about 30~50kms far away by Claudia. I believe this one is around City Block level. - Hydra uses...
  17. Gemmysaur

    Amagiri Ayato stat check

    I'd just like to point out that Ayato's ogre lux has been described in-universe as something that ignores conventional durability, so that should be added to his AP. Also, methinks he should have a key. One stat for base form Ayato and another for Unlocked Ayato. UA is very much stronger than...