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  1. TheGatememer

    25 Turns Have Passed (Fire Emblem Heroes Low 1-C Scaling)

    Ironically doesn't include Ryoma in the scaling chain Continuation of this thread. In the last thread, Low 1-C Fire Emblem was accepted. Here is the new Blog that explains the reasoning for the rating. The reasoning remains largely unchanged. Scaling While this is very likely to change, to...
  2. TheGatememer

    Low 1-C Upgrade for Fire Emblem Heroes

    Might as well do this while the profiles are still being edited. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Before I begin this section, keep in mind that I am NOT trying to suggest Megami Tensei is "canon" to Fire Emblem, I cannot stress this enough. This is merely supporting evidence of Tier 1 that could make...
  3. JustSomeWeirdo

    Low 1-C FEH: JSW edition

    Nothing to do with the Dream World, this time, we're gonna be talking about the Astral Plane, which is an infinitely large spacetime which contains an infinite amount of Deeprealms, which are also described as universal spacetimes. As I've heard that infinite spacetimes being contained all...
  4. TheGatememer

    Fire Emblem Heroes CRT 5: Attempt 2 at Low 1-C

    Low 1-C Dream World Cosmology Possibly Uncountable Infinite Universes The Dream World is composed of potentially uncountable infinite universes. Azura's dream world is stated to have infinite worlds multiple times: "Hee-hee. What you say is true. But this world contains an infinite number of...
  5. TheGatememer

    Fire Emblem Heroes CRT 4: Low 1-C stuff

    I've become the very thing I swore to destroy Anyhow, all of my arguments are in this blog. TLDR, Realms in FE usually refer to Low 2-C structures, Dream World is layered, each layer viewing the last as just a dream/fiction, Dream World is Low 1-C.
  6. TheGatememer

    Fire Emblem Heroes CRT 3: Abilities for everyone else

    Everyone possibly Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Can survive Surtr's flames, which burns the soul. Laegjarn stated that were Laevatein to offer herself to the flames, her spirit would be in peril. Surtr states that the soul he once had vanished in the flames of Múspell) I know that the latter...
  7. TheGatememer

    Fire Emblem Heroes CRT 2: AP, Speed, Abilities and Resistances

    AP: Everyone's rating should be changed from "At least Small Building level, at most High Universe level". This is due to characters being able to contend with Hel. For instance, Alfonse, who can trade blows, and even visibly harm Hel. Eir could also intercept a blow from Hel. Gustav could also...
  8. BoomerKuwanger1

    FEH Cosmology update

    As per the latest paralogue, Thorr (Fire Emblem's Thor and ",God of War") goes into the ruined world (bad end FEH timeline) and promises to restore it to its former self after Hel did her thing. While it is not clear just how much damage Hel did (killing everyone, so humanity wiping should...
  9. BoomerKuwanger1

    FEH Tempet Abilities

    These only apply to tempest hosts, the tempest destruction feats should make the "Envioremental damage" combat applicable. | Also, here are some more quotes from the tempest trials scripts : "To Die on the Battlefield" Ly: What a foul spiral... This must be the entrance to the Tempest...
  10. SuperKamiNappa

    Alfonse vs King Bradley

    Alfonse King Bradley Speed Equalized Who wins and why?
  11. Asuka_the_Demonic_Empress

    Fire Emblem Heroes.

    FE fan here, as you can tell by my picture. Anyways, i was looking thru the profiles, there are a bit of changes/upgrades i would like to suggest. First, the universes are infinite. In paralogue 19, Sharena asks Alfonse about how they are able to meet another version of themselves, and...
  12. Megaboy_Prime

    Thomas The HYPE Engine vs Alfonse (Fire Emblem)

    9-A versions. Thomas has multiple lines to go on. Speed equalized. Alfonse is ON the tracks. 100 metters apart from each other, Thomas at full speed.
  13. JustSomeWeirdo

    Spring Alfonse and Sharena

    So, how should we treat Spring Alfonse and Sharena? Maybe a key (Like we do for Anna)? or a different profile entirely considering they're from a different universe? This will also help with other variants, considering there's also going to be one for Veronica eventually
  14. JustSomeWeirdo

    Fire Emblem Heroes upgrade

    At 0:39, Leo states that he has casually reduced people to ash
  15. JustSomeWeirdo

    Al vs Alfonse

    Speed Equalized Pre-Revival Base Al vs Alfonse Fight takes place on Final Destination
  16. JustSomeWeirdo

    Cleaning up the FE Heroes profiles

    Since scaling the Heroes profiles to Roy was considered incorrect due to being a crossover, actual ingame feats could help to give a solid tier, rather than their current Unknow rating. Likely: High 8-C - Scaling to the tier of base FE Unlikely: 8-C - Able to fight Manaketes, who have...