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VS Battles
I was planning to make pages for the 6 other characters who were apart of Sensui's gang, along with those other 3 that were with Yusuke. The thing is, I don't know if they scale to Yusuke, or have some sort of durability ignoring abilities. Like take the Doctor. He was stated to be capable of gutting Yusuke with his psychic scalpel, but he shouldn't be anywhere near Yusuke's level. It could be possible that he has organ hax, but then again, he could just be that strong. So, any fans of YYH could help me out?
Thx. I've been told to get into it but my hobbies have been limited to a few because I've had some stuff happening IRL. Might get into it some time.

Sorry though, can't help you ;(
OH, I mean they directly said that they could never really take Yusuke down in a fight, but I imagine that they would be scaled to dark tournament arc Kuwabara. *shrugs* but yeah hax it is. I just think that they might have had some formal training with Genkai and Kuwabara is the weakest of the bunch, but yeah, that's just me. So maybe just hax