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Very minor Isaac revision


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So, Isaac only really has no items whatsoever in the very early game. As it turns out, Mama Mega actually 1 shots a lot of really early bosses. Note that Fallen and Headless Horseman can show up on a lot of floors.

Floor 1 bosses that die
Ovum, Duke of Flies, Fistula (though it's saved by splitting, i think), Gurglings, Haunt (or it would if there was no intangibility), Larry, Pin, Widow, Fallen (saved by splitting, survives on later floors), Headless Horseman, Little Horn, Rag Man, Turdlings
Floor 2 bosses that die
Hollow, Husk, Polycephalus, the Wretched only barely survives (15 hp), Forsaken barely survives (20 hp), Frail, Rag Mega
Floor 4 bosses that split
Blastocyst will split, Teratoma splits
Mama Mega is significantly stronger than an itemless Isaac. Just make him "At most 9-A instead of just flat 9-A. He should also have keys for Isaac (Boss) and ??? (Boss), but idk what to do for them rn.
Seems legit, although wouldn't Blue Baby and Boss Isaac be better as their own pages instead of keys since technically they are their own characters. But linked with a bigger tabber.

Also been meaning to mention this for a while, but Isaac may or may not need to have his first key split into his multiple starts. Because right now we're basically lying that "base Isaac" starts with all of those items, and/or states (ghost/skeleton), at once when he doesn't.
Isaac should technically get some tier via "Imagination" thanks to Bumbo ending too
the entire game is already imagination though

Yeah this may not be so minor after all if we're compositing the start equipment with everyone else. Even beyond active items, Azazel, Lilith, Lost, Keeper, and Forgotten all have quotes that are straight up incompatible with other people.
Yeah, however we give rating for feats like "waking up from a dream", so I don't think that one because of Imagination can't be possible. It would also possibly scale Delirium to this or at least the Void in general.