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Unsealed Anankos key and additions / another tier 2 Fire Emblem thread


VS Battles
Since we use Hidden Truths has canonical for his profile, I guess that Heirs of Fate can also count, so I'll use it for the second part of the CRT.

Sealed Anankos
Power Bestowal: He gave knowledge and longevity to Valla's inhabitants. It should also be noted in his weaknesses that he's weak to Shigure/Azura's song (said in the same link).

Curse Manipulation: Anankos made a curse; talking of Valla outside of it will cause you to disappear (just like Azura at the end of Conquest/Birthright). It should be noted that it also erase souls and can affect someone even in another universe.

Precognition: He has "unlimited knowledge and foresight"

All of Garon's powers + Absorption: He was the one who gave him his powers, and got them back when he ate him

Water Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, and Precognition: Stated in his class descriptio

Transmutation:Turned Anthony into a Faceless

Unsealed Anankos
And here's the Anankos from Heirs of Fate. I'll talk about his powers first, and of his possible tier after

Memory Manipulation and Illusion Creation:[http:// https://youtu.be/x0xoxAa9e6U?t=3205 He stole the childrens' memories (just like he did for Corrin) and made some illusions.] He's also weaker outside of Valla, which should be part of his weaknesses Teleportation: Here. Summoning: He can summon Anankoses from other worlds/universes

Possible tier 2 (Low 2-C to 2-B)
The story of this Anankos is that unlike the one in the main path, he broke his seal and killed everyone.

He then invaded others realms/universes, destroying them or storing them (you can see the two being stated in the 2 links before), leaving only the one where Shigure is from.

Idk if it's enough for a tier tho.
Shigure talked about "restoring" them, and Anankos stored some of them, which seems like a possible feat.
Some of these seem more like range feats than they do attack potency feats. And killing people and restoring damage across alternate timelines doesn't mean he destroys those timelines, it just means he destroyed cities and lots of people as they traveled to other timelines.