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Two characters who cover their eyes and wield telekinesis

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I advise linking the characters you're using so people can easily go to their pages and give their opinion on the battle.
WeeklyBattles said:
Glynda doesn't cover her eyes though?
How far into 8-B is Kenshi?
Glynda and Kenshi have eyewear.

There's no exact number, but I saw a post of MKX characters scaling to Kintaro, I'll check that out.
Oy, wonderful

Well Glynda scales to Qrow who is stronger than Vernal who oneshot the Arma Gigas who stomped the Queen Lancer who was undamaged by an 18 ton attack so there's that
WeeklyBattles said:
Oy, wonderful
Well Glynda scales to Qrow who is stronger than Vernal who oneshot the Arma Gigas who stomped the Queen Lancer who was undamaged by an 18 ton attack so there's that
I thought she scales to Penny? Penny is like, 12 tons if I remember correctly.
Okay then, so Kenshi has the AP advantage due to being scaled to Kintaro who survived a 267.59 ton explosion, but Kenshi is lower than that, he's probably around a hundred tons.

What does her "weather manipulation" do anyway? Does she make elemental storms like blizzards and tornadoes?
So Kenshiro has a metric ton of telikinetic clones he can summon directly in front of her for free hits. But her Aura blocks them

She loses in most other categories barring versatility however

But she does have her fair share of shields
No we disagreed on Glynda scaling to Cinder with all stats, it was agreed that her barriers are high 7-C
Many didn't agree to it, as you might notice by it not being on the page.

If they were, her dura section would mention it. The reason she is 8-B is that her fight with cinder was called an outlier due to it being affected by a retcon (cinder having magical powers instead of dust.)
WeeklyBattles said:
Cinder only uses dust to make weapons, her powers weren't retconned
She was supposed to use dust for everything (like ironwood said).

It was only in volume 2 that they decided that she was a maiden.

And again, not agreed onand not on her page.
Once again, I will go through their advantages.


Telekinesis: Kenshi has shown much skill with his telekinesis such as using it to behead three soldiers without his sword and ripping a whole skeleton from his opponent's body. He can use it to create tangible energy projections to attack with punches and kicks or with Sento. It is better than Glynda's since she requires her crop to use her telekinesis.

Mind powers: Kenshi's precognition and clairvoyance is much better than Glynda's extrasensory perception. He also has telepathy which allows him to read Glynda's mind.

Teleportation: Kenshi can teleport as well as teleport his sword.

Sento: Sento should be very useful here, and no, he isn't vulnerable without it. He has used Sento away from himself and should he lose it, he can simply teleport it back to him. It has the ability to reflect some of Glynda's attacks and absorb them to his sword which heals him. It can also summon samurai demons.


Telekinesis: Glynda is also skilled in using her telekinesis, as she can use it to easily repair a damaged street and clean up after the foodfight between Team RWBY and Team JNPR. She has much better control of her telekinesis since she can create spears out of rubble as well as seperate them to avoid projectile attacks from Cinder Fall.

Aura: Full body forcefield. Nuff said.

Blizzard: Her dust allows her to create storm clouds that rain a barrage of icicles, and the storm cloud is large enough to cover the entire Bullhead aircraft.

Shields: Her aura can also create large shields which look similar to Weiss' glyphs. Its large size should be able to cover herself against Kenshi's attacks as his strikes cover very little area than the shield.
I mean when push comes to shove Glynda should be able to just range slap Kenshi to death with her TK, she's casually stronger than people on Kenshi's level with it
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