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Two Bounty Hunters go at it: Samus Aran VS. Durge

Exactly what it says on the tin. Both of them are 5-B in this case, and Speed is Equalized. Who will win this battle of the bounty hunters?



Well Samus resists Durge's flamethrower and can bypass his forcefields through Wave Beam. The only threat would be his regenerative abilities, but given this is simply 5-B Samus, she would either have access to the Phazon Beam or Omega Cannon, which would make that a non-issue.

Samus for those reasons?
Pretty sure she also has the ice beam in this key too so the regen won't be a factor here.
Theglassman12 said:
Pretty sure she also has the ice beam in this key too so the regen won't be a factor here.
Does Ice Beam help? I guess it could incap but i'd think Durge would be able to break out or regen in time.
She can negate durability with the ice beam and shatter him to oblivion with a single missile strike. And even if he can regenerate through getting shattered from ice beam missile combo she can scan him and detect his Regenerationn factor. So she'll just vaporize him with the plasma beam.
So is this a stomp, or just decisive? It looks like they have similar AP (Samus scales above 73 Zettatons while Durge scales above 82, with Samus I think having a slightly higher chain)
preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty sure it's a stomp. And if Palpatine's profile is anything to go by, a lot of star wars profiles seem really out of date.
To be fair, Palpy had statements of having... yknow, every force power, so we can apply a lot more to him.
I guess but knowing enough series with a lot of extended canon there's likely a lot more missing from the profiles