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Trevor Henderson Mythos Discussion Thread

If Trevor did say that there are worse monsters in space..

I don't think there is a definitive most powerful character in the verse. The space monsters are stronger than the monsters that we have already seen. But we don't know what they are

Probably planet busting threats..
I think The Man with The Upside Down Face is likely 7-A due to closely following or the same as Cartoon Cat in terms of how dangerous he is, according to the tweet by Trevor himself.
I believe there is several other monsters made by trevor henderson if i believe that are not on this site yet
HeadlessKramerGeoff777 said:
There are quite a bit yes. Also I need to update my blog on the verse if anyone wants to help to gather recent info on characters.
Monsters like "The Class" Would just be 10-C tier if i believe
And others like "Good Boy" would be 9-B because it will wait until someone opens the door (Maybe killing them)
The God Of Roadkill has fate manipulation because after somedbody encounters it while driving they crash soon after, the god of roadkill could be targeting people who have killed animals while driving in the past also its speed would be below average as it does not even have legs and it uses its arms to move itself around.