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[ Toaru ] Gabriel MFTL or MFTL+ attack speed with God's Purge/Sweep


Proposal: Gabriel should be MFTL or MFTL+ (I don't know which one, but I include the reason below) attack speed with God's Purge or The Sweep.
Reason: God's Purge uses lights of the moving stars. Each star turns info a torrent of arrows of fire that rain down upon the Earth.
  • God's Purge: Also called Sweep. After moving the celestial bodies in the sky, Gabriel uses the lights of the moving stars as a magic array and symbolically turns each star in the sky into a torrent of arrows of fire that rain down upon its target. After 30 minutes of preparation, the spell is cast in several waves, each one made of up to eleven consecutive shots of tens of millions of fire arrows, with about 30 seconds of lag between them as Gabriel prepares the next wave. This spell was used in the Old Testament to destroy a civilization and is speculated to be capable of turning half of the planet to ashes with its billions of fire arrows.
A shivering chill settled over him like a nail of ice had pierced his heart.
The moon overhead radiated a huge, striking blue light. A ring of light appeared around the brilliantly glowing moon, like when a camera lens tries to chase the sun.
The lunar corona, with the full moon as its center, expanded in a blink and disappeared past the edges of the horizon in the night sky. Then, various strands of light shot through, as if inscribing complicated symbols on the ring’s inside.
It wasn’t simply giant. When Kamijou looked more carefully, he saw that each and every one of those specks of light drawing those lines was a separate magic circle. Like a school of fish swimming through the sea, like a line of ants parading across the ground, the millions, billions of magic circles floated into a regular pattern and constructed one large circle.
(But. There’s…There’s such an incredible amount of light.)
Kamijou couldn’t help but be amazed when he stared at the cluster of sparkling lights in the night sky.
Even Kamijou, who was not well versed in magic, could understand it.
This was phenomenal.
From inside him came a trembling sensation.
A spongy bead of sweat appeared on Kanzaki’s cheek as she looked up at the night sky.
“Are you insane, Power of God!? You would bring out a technique above even the levels recorded in the Old Testament just to aim for one person? Do you plan on purging this world!?”
Both her tone of voice and her words were extraordinary.
Kamijou couldn’t help but squeeze in a question.
“What? Hey, what the hell is that angel about to start…?”
“The Sweep. It’s the torrent of fire arrows that once burned an entire corrupt civilization. If something like that is activated, the history of mankind will end right here.”
(Arrows of fire…are gonna fall? Wait, could that be those lights in the sky? Those billions of clusters of lights that are as bright as a fully fueled rocket…are gonna all come down!?)
Petrified, Kamijou looked up into the sky. Considering it simply, those billions of sparkling points of light were basically all the rocket flares from missiles aimed at the ground. This wasn’t on the level of a simple carpet bombing. Enough missiles would come raining down on them that even though each one would lock on to a different person, there would still be some left over.
- OT 4 Chapter 3 Part 3