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The Wild Tiger vs The Tyrant (Kengan Ashura) 6-0

The Annihilation Tournament has ended, but the Wild Tiger still have one doubt. Having proved that the Fang was wrong him being outclassed by The Monster (Julius Reinhold), he wanted to proves him Agito was wrong too about the Tyrant. The Wild Tiger proposes him a fight in the tournament arena. With enthusiasm, the Tyrant accepts. So.....

Wakatsuki Takeshi


Kure Raia

Who wins?

Can the Tyrant dominate the Wild tiger? Or the Wild Tiger will crush the Tyrant?
i think Wakatsuki wins. Raian physically is pretty powerful but in end kinda relative to Ohma who physically got destroyed by Wakatsuki. also Raian hasn't any moves similiar to Demonbane for greatly damaging Wakatsuki too.
Well Julius actually did outclass Waka even if they were even in raw power. Julius' physique gave him an edge, and Waka was only able to overcome it with tactics and mind games.

With Raian, we only have statements of his Removal form having outclassed Waka in raw power. So, it'll be basically be the same deal as Julius. However, I doubt that Raian will fall for Waka's psychological warfare since he's batshit crazy and too hard headed to think about stuff like that.

This may work in Waka's favor, since it will leave him open for a Blast Core, but post-Ohma Raian has shown that he is willing to use Kure techniques in a battle, but he himself admits he's rusty. However, Waka's injured ankle and blind eye may be detected by Raian's super sense and used against him.

I think I give it to Waka 7/10. Even with his injuries and AP disadvantage, Blast Core and grappling against Raian's straightforward nature give him the win.
Yeah, you're right, he was stronger than Wakatsuki for being bigger than him, but Agitoh said something like"Julius is going to win unless the Tiger has something new" and, well, he have it after all. Let's see what other people have to say!
Okay, first off, Waka wins here due to the following advantages:

┬À Raw power

┬À Skill

┬À Speed

┬À Durability

In terms of strength, Waka himself said that between Raian and Julius only the latter makes him feel inferior and that is because of Julius' frame, we then are are given statements by Ohma (who fought and bested Raian) stating that Waka punches harder than Raian, and Waka's fist being labelled as 5x Ohma's indestructible (this is Unrestricted Ohma, stronger than the Ohma from Round 2), on top of this Waka can inflict x3 more damage with his kicks and even more damage with Blast Core.
Waka is also skilled grappling and karate, his durability also vastly outclasses Raian by far since he tanked Ohma's demonsbane combined with his own power and still didn't go down.
ItalianGuy1234 said:
Tbf, Ohma only managed to defeat Base Raian through skill and the fact that Raian was already exhausted and injured from fighting Possessing Spirit Ohma. Before that, Raian was trouncing Ohma without even trying. So the comparison doesn't really work since that was Base Ohma (who should really only be 8-C tbh) with no boosts and on deaths door vs Waka was is in the top 3 in terms of raw power.

Also, the first Demonsbane that Ohma landed on Waka was said to have been imperfect since Ohma was too tense to properly use the technique. When Ohma used the technique properly, he floored Waka in one hit. He was barely able to stand after that.
@PTSO you forget Ohma was as much on the ropes as Raian was due to massive strain of using pushing the Advance beyond any limit and the beat down Raian had just given him, yet he beat the hell out of Raian who unlike Ohma was perfectly capable of standing and keep fighting in his base, on top of this Waka completely overpowered Unrestricted Ohma who at this point was well above his R2 & R3 self.

I was exactly referring to the last Demonsbane Ohma used against Waka, Waka took the combined might of Niko's strongest technique + his own Blast Core and still stood up, Raian isn't dealing that sort of damage anytime soon.
I mean, it's also pretty much confirmed in Omega that Raian outmatched Ohma in strength. Ohma had to use tactics against a tired, base Raian with no techniques to just barely snag a win.

Yeah but that's literally all he could do, stand up. And he then instantly got knocked out by Ohma who wasn't using any boosts or Demonsbane. It's the equivalent of Seki standing up after the Heart Jab, a good endurance feat, but not much in the way of durability since the move pretty much ended the fight