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The tier 6 revision project?


Maintenance worker
VS Battles
Several months ago, Basilisk1995 pointed out several inaccuracies with the energy scale borders for tier 6:


At some point we will have to deal with this issue, for our system to be logically coherent, and as it stands Lord Kavpeny is unlikely to be able to organise the project, due to being extremely busy with his real world work and studies combined.

The problem is that I am currently definitely not the best person to set up the guidelines for how the changes should be organised, and need some help in this regard, from the calculation group or othervise.

In addition, tier 6 currently has 1195 profiles, so it would be quite a lot to check up, and, if necessary, adjust:


However, given that our staff is quite large at the moment, I think that it should work out, if enough people are willing to help out.
I think we can handle it without much trouble.But first we have to check if we agree with Basilisk's suggestions.
So this also affects tier 5 a bit.

EDIT: When everyone is ready we can start, the sooner the better.
Ah, it's about time that we got started on this project, although it needs to be made sure that Basilisk's values for his calculations are correct.

That said, I don't like the idea of having a Small Moon level as energy required to bust most small moons [Tethys, Dione, etc..] fall in the Continent-busting range.

So, the values are:

Continent level: 760 Teratons to 4.435 Petatons of TNT

Large/Multi-Continent level: 4.435 Petatons to 151.01 Petatons of TNT

Small Moon level: 151.01 Petatons to 29.6 Exatons of TNT
Personally I would skip a small moon level, keeping the work to a Tier 6 revision. Some really small moons are outright below multi-continent level to begin with (as you see the first 5 in the list), so personally I feel like stretching tier 6 doesn't do that much harm.

But in the end it is a matter of preference, I suppose.

So my proposal would just be:

Continent level: 760 teratons - 4.435 Petatons of TNT (ratio 5.8x)

(Destroying Russia up to destroying Eurasia)

Large/Multi continent: 4.435 Petatons of TNT - 29.6 Exatons (ratio 6674.18x)

(Destroying Eurasia up to destroying the moon)

Otherwise the Titania result appears to be correct calculation wise.
I'm with DT. Considering we have that trillion X gap for Solar System, I don't see that gap being that big.
I'm definitely willing to help out, and I also got to agree with DT. We could perhaps just skip small moon altogether.
DT's opinion sounds good. Perhaps it'd be better to skip the Small Moon level considering some moons are within the continent-busting range.

Anyways I am ready to go with this project if you guys are.
I also think that DontTalk seems to make sense.

Would somebody be willing to make a simple to follow "Before -> After" outline for the changes in energy values? So we have it at hand for whenever the project starts?
I'll be good to help with the revision whenever it occurs. It'd probably be for the best to split the workload, though.
@Kkapoios Well, first we need to get the directives/instructions for specific changes in order, and then I have to ask everybody in the staff when, and if, they can help out.
Then after that, we will have to split the workload. For example, if there are 12 people helping out, they can check over a 100 profiles each.
Conventional Terms:

Before After
Large Country
or Small Continent
100 Teratons to 715 Teratons 100 Teratons to 430 Teratons
Large Country
or Small Continent+
715 Teratons to 1.33 Petatons 430 Teratons to 760 Teratons
Continent 1.33 Petatons to 500.665 Petatons 760 Teratons to 2.5975 Petatons
Continent+ 500.665 Petatons to 1 Exaton 2.5975 Petatons to 4.435 Petatons
Large or Multi-Continent 1 Exaton to 15.3 Exatons 4.435 Petatons to 14.8022175 Exatons
Large or Multi-Continent+ 15.3 Exatons to 29.6 Exatons 14.8022175 Exatons to 29.6 Exatons
Tons of TNT table:

Before After
Large Country
or Small Continent
1014 tons to 7.15x1014 tons 1014 tons to 4.3x1014 tons
Large Country
or Small Continent+
7.15x1014 tons to 1.33x1015 tons 4.3x1014 tons to 7.6x1014 tons
Continent 1.33x1015 tons to 5.00665x1017 tons 7.6x1014 tons to 2.5975x1015 tons
Continent+ 5.00665x1017 tons to 1018 tons 2.5975x1015 tons to 4.435x1015 tons
Large or Multi-Continent 1018 tons to 1.53x1019 tons 4.435x1015 tons to 1.48022175x1019 tons
Large or Multi-Continent+ 1.53x1019 tons to 2.96x1019 tons 1.48022175x1019 tons to 2.96x1019 tons
Joules Table:

Before After
Large Country
or Small Continent
4.184x1023 joules to 2.99156x1024 joules 4.184x1023 joules to 1.79912x1024 joules
Large Country
or Small Continent+
2.99156x1024 joules to 5.56472x1024 joules 1.79912x1024 joules to 3.17984x1024 joules
Continent 5.56472x1024 joules to 2.09478236x1027 joules 3.17984x1024 joules to 1.086794x1025 joules
Continent+ 2.09478236x1027 joules to 4.184x1027 joules 1.086794x1025 joules to 1.855604x1025 joules
Large or Multi-Continent 4.184x1027 joules to 6.40152x1028 Joules 1.855604x1025 joules to 6.193247802x1028 Joules
Large or Multi-Continent+ 6.40152x1028 Joules to 1.24x1029 Joules 6.193247802x1028 Joules to 1.24x1029 Joules
Ok, so here we have tables to compare the energy values, with the different units, that might appear.

So the ones one can do simply, without checking out the calcs, are:

Continent level+ can be, if the + is used as specified on the AP page (should probably be checked), always be changed to Large or Multi-Continent.

Large or Multi-Continent+ can always stay Large or Multi-Continent+.

When going through the pages only High 6-B, 6-A and High 6-A need to be viewed.
Okay. Thank you for the guidelines. That should be fairly straightforward.

Then I simply need to ask the staff about who are willing and able to help out, and when we should schedule this (preferably as soon as possible).
Like i said to Kavpeny a while back, i'm not going to help out on this due to how this is one tier we're dealing with and that i'm letting those like Promestein and Everlasting help out on this instead in my place so....yeah. Legit we both agreed that it's just ONE TIER. Like we managed to do the ones from much earlier this year in weeks. This should not take us more than half a week at the most, give or take.
I can definitely pitch in, but my time is going to be more strained towards the end of the week as I'll have to pack up to dorm.
Sorry, guys. I don't think I'll be able to help out. Been really busy with school work and recently got a job.

(It is technically just half a tier, if we are getting picky about things)
I can pitch in, but I am not sure if I can work at the rate I would want to as I am unable to edit the pages I know that need the change at the moment.
Well, we would have to place people in teams, like the last time, so the people who can edit locked pages (administrators and content moderators) can be told of, and handle, the profiles that the other staff members do not have access to.
Quick question, what do we do about the pages that are quantified via feats rather than calculations (i.e. Karna's explicit Anti-Country attack)?
We have to keep them as they are, I think.
However, if they are scaled from other characters that have calculations, you will have to check the energy values from those profiles.
Preferably we should get this started as soon as possible, i'm going to be unable to do this saturday-tuesday this/next week

The easiest way i'd Imagine to go through this is Give go alphabetically through the tiers, like I could be given A to E to do, and someone else starts with F through to J, and so on.

considering XYZ will probably have their little to do they could have another letter or 2 to do
Well, I would prefer to simply assign, for example, profiles 1-300 to one team, 301-600 to another, 601-900 to a third, and 901-1195 to a fourth.
Also, should we tell the non-staff members that it is forbidden to edit during the project?

It should probably take around 2-3 days, so maybe a 3 day block would be an appropriate "punishment", just to get them temporarily out of the way?
Not sure... It's not really a punishment, and is incredibly helpful to us in the long run, but how are we gonna inform everyone who's not staff about that? Because even a small block that they didn't know how it happened could turn off some users.
Yeah, I'm not sure if a punishment is needed. A single message telling them that they should not edit should be enough. If they keep up after the warning then a small ban should be enough.
Like what me and Kav talked on this, it shouldn't take us that long to do them.

I suppose if we don't want the others to edit any page that has the Tier rank on them in anyway, i suppose we can tell them about it.

Anyways i've also told Promestein and Everlasting a while back as well that i want them to do this instead of me so that they can contribute even more to the site here even tho they've already done so plenty of times. In any case, me not doing this is not a way of saying i'm lazy. It's simply because it's just one tier (or half a tier if that's what we're really dealing with here as Antvasima pointed out) so this should be alright for the rest of the staff that are available here at the moment while they still are before they all have to do something.

I could change my mind on this but i'd just prefer to see this out first for now...
Well, we can tell people in the official wiki message, along with a highlighted forum thread, but you are right in that we should not risk to chase people away.

Perhaps we should simply give them a notice on their message walls that they should wait until after we are finished?
Well, we have to wait around 12 hours, so everybody that I have messaged get the chance to respond whether or not they can help out.

Then I can arrange them into teams, and assign which pages that they should handle.

Hopefully we can get this project going by late tuesday (American time)/early wednesday (my time).