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The Player (Fortnite) VS Frank West

Because someone mentioned this so why not

Both are at 9-A

Both have all equipment up to 9-A

Fight takes place in Tilted Towers

Speed is Equalized

Fight ends in K.O, Incap, or Death

1# Victory Royale:0

The Zombie Slayer:0


Frank West CK PP
Strength of ten men I brought serious pain. Come meet your mate, "Frank West" is my name.

Fortnite default skin
1# Victory Royale
I'm Blue daba dee daba die said:
Madotsuki24 said:
I mean, Fortnite is better than JJBA
Please tell me you are joking
I am not joking, I am 100% serious. Fortnite has introduced amazing icons such as Thanos and they might even add more Marvel characters in the game. Also, the game is very creative, being in way more quality, looking way better and being way more entertaining than JJBA will ever be.
Fortnite dude default dances FRA

...and I agree with the Jojo fanbase being worse. Least its understandable for Fortnite kids to be annoying brats.