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The Executor vs The Ashura: Kirei Kotomine vs Tokita Ohma

Oh this is a good one. Black Keys MIGHT cancel Advance/Possession but I think Ohma's got a huge advantage on this handily.

>Checks again

H2H only? Yeah I'm really siding with Ohma here
Voting Ohma. We got to see the extent of Kirei in his fight against Sad Dad, and while he's got some Akoya level reflex, he just can't stack up to a 4 in 1 fighting style of a skill beast like Ohma
Giving it to Ohma with medium to hard difficulty. A good hit from Kotomine would seriously screw him up, especially if he can land close to the heart judging from how Advance works, but Ohma's 4 in 1 style combat would let him prevent it from getting serious enough, and his heavy hitting blows would let him down the priest in a good enough counter.