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The clash of Blood-stained Emperors (7/0/0)

Both are fellow emperors who wears red clothing and are both portrayed as conquerors that would stopped at nothing to take over continents and eventually the world. Let's pit them against each other to see who is the true conqueror as there can only be one ruler of the world.

Both are 7-C

Speed unequalized

Location: Gronder Field

Both are in-character and have no prep-knowledge.

Range: 15 meters apart

Who wins?!


  • Short Emperor: 7 (KobsterHope07, KnightofSunlight, Schnee One, 00potato, GalaticIron, Thatsafloridathing, RicardoSama)
Edelgard and Walhart
Edelgard in Walhart's clothing
Walhart in Edelgard's clothing
...People still be out here mischaracterizing Edelgard like this.

C'mon guys, we know why she started the war, and it wasn't for that.
To us, we may know the true reason, but to the people of their respective homeland, they are both seen and portrayed as tyrant and conqueror due to their actions.
Edelgard seems to have the advantage here since she can lower his strength with Seal Strength. She has Pavise which halved damage dealt by enemy attacks using swords, lances, axes, brawling, gambits, and Crest Stones. Walhart seems like he would be deemed an Armored unit due to his Armor which would make Edelgard's Helm Splitter effective, dealing more damage to Walhart. She has Lancebreaker, so any Javelin or lance throwing weapon she will have more of a chance to dodge them, even if she gets hit by them, she can retaliate with Distant Counter. She has an amp in the form of Axefaire and Axe Prowess to increase her combat statistics in strength and avoidance.

Overall, I think Edelgard takes this more than Walhart
Edelgard will also passively heal from the Crest of Flames, in addition to all of the above.

So Edelgard probably takes this more times than Walhart.