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Cause it's funny and such, Thanos. Like that giant purple Raisin. And Glass Joe.

You should've aimed for the head with Thanos

You shouldn't Aim for the head with Joe

Speed is equal

That's all I suppose

Glass Joe:

The Dinosaur:

Well. I believe over 100,000. So probably more a 5 times advantage. Though pierce damage can happen I guess. Those teeth could cut through Joes helmet or body if given the chance
Most dinosaurs have a Skull crushing PSI. And or breaking skills or bones of other animals with bigger or comparable skulls.
Which dinosaurs for example? Anyway thanos doesn't even have a skull that has been found so knowing the bite force is kinda impossible atm. The best we have is a estimate for its KE.
Normal ones I guess. T Rex is first to my mind. But i don't know the name of other ones. Limited knowledge on dinos
Most didn't crush the skulls of other dinos iirc. Crush bones, he'll yeah. Skulls, not that I can remember. Trex I can believe though. Iirc though dinos like Thanos and Carno weren't bone crushers but rather flesh slicers. Could be wrong though.