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Static Shock

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I wanted to correct this page , but I am unsure if his AP sits at 8-C or High 8-C. I thought the Titan Tower was a fortified large building, so shouldn't that mean he's High 8-C?

Also I wanted to ask what kind of regen he has. He seems to be missing a link to this power, too.
The explosion does look like a High 8-C feat, but ss there any figure on the size of the Titan Tower?
Hmm, someone might know, but it looks about 10 stories, give or take. I don't know how many there are supposed to be in the canon of the comic
It doesn't look like he destroyed the entire thing, just broke the glasses.

Does anyone have the next page?If not i can make a calc on breaking the windows/
Looking at the static shock page, his speed is rated at High Hypersonic, except that missiles generally move much slower than that.

His speed should be rated At least Supersonic

Also, he is rated 8-C due to the feat shown as well as fighting monsters the size of buildings and stuff, as well as fighting this thing.
I agree that the speed for him should be much lower. I haven't heard any missile being that high, even if this is fiction we're talking about.
I changed the speed ratings.

Also, leave the AP for now as we do see Static Shock take on building sized monsters and stuff.
I was thinking we can use the cartoon feats for the Static Shock profile that we have, assuming that both the cartoon and the comics are in the same continuity.

His AP should be comparable in both the cartoon and the comics anyways.
Isn't the Static Shock cartoon in the DCAU verse and not comic verse though? Assuming those Justice League crossovers were canon, I guess.
Static origimally came from the Milestone comicbook verse. Then he got his own cartoon, that was entirely separate from his comicbook. And then the Milestone and regular DC timelines merged together.

However, they appear to be separate again after Flashpoint, and the Milestone line will be relaunched soon.
Well, it depends. If there is a new continuity, we would probably have to create another profile for that version of the character.
I don't remember him having Regenerationn as a power.

Just as a heads up, this is a really old thread, so it may be best to just make a new one.

Also, you used the same scan for healing and telepathy, and I think you used the telepathy scan for the Anti-Life Equation feat.
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