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Star Eater...? - Yu-gi-oh!

I'm more asking than saying, but this came up in a thread yesterday so.

Should we really have a profile for Star Eater?

You see, the profile looks that empty because this character doesn't exist at all in the continuity. It's not really the character. It's really just the name of one of the multitude of cards in the TCG. Its supposed status as a star eater and such is taken directly from its name and the artwork in said card.

There's not really anything else to go by.

Oh, Star Eater kind of throws the scaling in disarray too, since the God Tiers of the Verse such as Exodia (who works as the "I win" button for 95% of the series and 100% of the games if someone pulls him off) or Horakhty (who is the Supreme Being of the series) currently cap at 5-A.
I agree with this, though less so due to the scaling and more so because it doesn't really have much going on, aside from its card text. We still have characters like Yusei Fudo, Number 100: Numeron Drago, and Yuya Sakaki who are above 5-A but aren't Horakhty. They simply have the feats while she doesn't. She's the supreme being for DM and perhaps GX, but nothing beyond that.
The point was more like "it's strange for a TCG without anything to go by other than the card itself" to not only have a profile, but also be way higher in scale than actual god tiers of the series even if just the original one.

As you said, Numeron Dragon, Yusei and Yuya do have the feats and are recognized as characters. I'm fine with those, since it's kind of like how there are creator Gods out there who are surpassed by a bunch of other characters depending on the series.
Fair enough, though Galaxy Eyes Cloudragon is an effect monster with no flavor text. I'm fairly certain that Star Eater has some kind of flavor text on it which would grant it its current tier, though I cannot recall its exact text.

I don't have a problem with the profile being deleted. It seems unnecessary and I don't think that it plays any part in the story with archetypes like Nekroz, Qliphort, Ritual Beast, Zefra, Constellar, Evilswarm, Gusto, Ice Barrier, World Chalice, Krawler, etc.
Ah, my mistake. I completely forgot it had an effect.

I agree. Unlike Magic, Yugioh's lore is strange. Some cards have it, others don't. And then there's the anime continuity that mixes with cards from the actual game yet have nothing to do with the card lore. Yu-gi-oh in essence has three parts. The card lore, the anime, and the manga.

I don't really care if Star Eater goes or stays, same as you. It just feels unnecessary.
I don't really see the point in having a profile for Star Eater, the page supposedly exists for lore purposes but nobody scales off of it (Like the God Cards of BEUD) so it doesn't really need to exist at all
Im just gonna go right ahead and point out that there are a TON of yugioh monsters with feats far above 5-A

Also Cloudragon is going to be part of the scaling that makes Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon 4-A
So Horakthy<Average Monster...Ok then
As long as these monsters are characters and not just a card picture, I'd be fine with any tier.

Not the case for Star Eater.
@Fate There's a reason we keep cards that are characters and cards that are just cards in separate categories
Literally what we have about this thing:

1. Pic in the card.

2. Name of the card.

How does that translate to a character is beyond me. Feels weird.
FateAlbane said:
Nah, not really. Star Eater actually has the description of what the card does, in-game effects, etc.
As I said in the op I'm more asking than anything. I think it's weird but don't have a problem with it if others think it's fine and could stay.
/\ That being said, this quote still stands.

If people don't feel like there's anything strange and it's fine as is, I'm generally neutral about my own thread this time. I pointed this out because I looked and thought "Huh, weird. Perhaps there's something wrong." but if there isn't, then all the better.
ProfessorKukui4Life said:
I don't agree with just suddenly upgrading Horakthy above monsters that come after the original Yugioh gen. If they have feats better than her, then they're simply stronger than her.
My very first reply in the thread after the OP adressed this point already, so I'm generally of the same opinion.

Keyword being "if they have feats better than her".
In my opinion at least, Metaphy's Ascension is the only one that looks like it dwarf's universes with its size. The former 2 look like it's just being bigger than gas-like planets and the last one I don't understand at all, it just looks like there's a crack in a dimension.

But if everyone else is fine with it, then no probs then.
[ Does this count as a bump since it has not been a hour ? ]

There is literally a line where the Orochalcos Leviathan was stated to have eaten the Sun... Just saying. Also, I agree with the above.
Why is it not capable of being used? can't you just make profiles for the Manga versions?