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SpongeBob can't beat the low godly or ressurection. Seems stompy.
I mean

he has the magic page and Mid-High of his own

Also Meat Boy's resurrection is non-combat applicable
With the magic page he canonically doesn't know about having 2-C hax, and I'm pretty sure the rez should be applicable. Regardless, I don't think meat boy can get past mid high, so inconclusive.
To clarify, his resurrection is seperate from his low-godly. If someone bypassed his low-godly, there'd be another Meat Boy resurrecting in hell. Trouble is, he's in hell, so its a BFR victory anyway.

Vote counted
Nobody wins due to their insane Regenerationn. Meat Boy keeps respawning, and Spongebob keeps on reforming. I think Spongebob takes experience and better arsenal here, but what good is that when you have an opponant who immediately gets revived after they die?