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Spider-Man Vs Kamen Rider Zero-One.

First KR match, let see how it goes.

Two young CEOs of high-tech companies, who use their bleeding-edge technology to become superheros in armors based off insects, because that what people in danger need, some dude cosplaying a bug.


  • Speed: Equal.
  • Key: Peter as the Other with MK IV Armor / Aruto with Shining Hopper but not Authorise Buster.
  • Place: Vatican City, Italy. 4 Meters of distance.
  • Mindset: Willing win, vague basic info of each other powers.
  • Victory: Win by death, incap or KO .
Mark IV Spider-Man


Kamen Rider
Kumo: 1 (Berrie)

First Spidey have the skill advantage. He have been on the hero job way longer than Aruto.

Second his precog is pretttyy~ good. So good that it is hard to see Aruto deal substantial damage to the man.

Breaking Mammoth shouldnt be able to tip this in Aruto favor too much, since I heard that Peter can fight above his weight class.
- Extrasensory Perception (Can sense presences and how they feel compared to each other. Can sense and dodge invisible attacks. Senses Morwen manifesting in the city. Can use his Spider Sense in reverse to find the most danger. Can make the lenses of his Mark IV suit detect magical energies)

-Perception Manipulation (His Spider Sense slows action down to a crawl and says it allows him to think of jokes for what feels like hours)

-Precognition (The Spider-Sense allows Spider-Man to know which scenarios of a fight are good and bad for him, takes a 360 degree snapshot of his surroundings, helps him aim while blinded, lets him know when something is about to explode, keeps him aware of everything in his vicinity even while asleep, and his Spider Sense can also help him move his body to minimise damage from unavoidable attacks)

Those, and many other useful abilities are more than enough for Spidey to overcome Aruto with normal Progrise keys
Also, if Peter knows (vague but Still) how the Zero-One Driver works, he could Steal the Key of the Driver if he gets close enough (and with Spider-Sense plus his speed and agility he can). Hell he could just rip the Belt off like how Fuwa did.
Massive Stomp for Spider-Man, the Kamen Rider can't even hit him and can neither break free from his webs. This is a straight up oneshot. Close this.
Zark@ Both are 4 Tons lmao, not even a gap is there.


I could probably change Aruto to his Shining Hopper form and use Peter's Other form to make things more even, but I need to know how far is Shining Hopper in the 8-B tier.

Ergo bump.
Spider-Man oneshots with webs, mate, Class M, Aruto can't break free when the thwip happens
Shark Gauntlets (ÒéÀÒâúÒâ╝Òé»Òé¼Òâ│ÒâêÒâ¼ÒââÒâê, Sh─üku Gantoretto) - The gauntlets. It has a sharp outward protruding blade, dubbed Unlimited Chopper (ÒéóÒâ│Òâ¬ÒâƒÒâåÒââÒâëÒâüÒâºÒââÒâæÒâ╝, Anrimiteddo Chopp─ü), that can cut any object by reproducing the shape and ability of shark teeth. This also generates fangs-like energy Blades during the Biting Impact.
Biting Shark Progrise Key have the ability to basically summon hologram shark with ability to cut thing.

It also have blade basically all over his body that is use that one time to fight against Magia that can tentacles lock spam.
I mean if taken literally, the webbing can't be cut by that, it is quite piercing resistant, and tends to require blades of special material like Carbonadium, Vibranium or Adamantium to cut through

you can say, regular steel doesn't cut it *badum-tss*
Yeah, not entirely sure if it can do myself.

Aruto really doesnt have a wincon here other than instantly goes into Breaking Mammoth. But that still doesnt really guaranteed a win.

Now Shinning Hopper VS Spidey Sense tho
Eh, Reactive Power Level basically gets cancelled by Spider-Sense, Perception Manip is a godsend, Pressure Points basically oneshot if they're reached, Afterimage is amazing to disorient, and basically Aruto can't touch him.

If the AP wasn't stomp levels then Spooodr-Man still would've won by 60 years of snowballing hax.
Don't go si far with the Spider-Sense. Peter Still needs to react to the danger. A combination of Shining Hopper teleport and the Shine System could put him in danger.
His reactive powrlevel bave already surpassed other precog/analytic prediction user. And enhanced sense from Super Computer satellite most likely meant that after image won't work.

And that is 25,000 per 0.1 second.
Mate Spider-Sense is literally tells him the danger a minute or so before it happens, and it can tell where the fella will teleport.

It's lowkey broken in comics
"Stated to be 4-5 times stronger than Rising Hopper by Gai Amatsu"".

Not an AP stomp, I can even use THE OTHER to lessen the gap.
Veloxt1r0kore said:
Well then....revenge match by using SZS characters against Drive then ngoahahaha
I will counter-revenge by pitting Build against my Boi Iron Mon hueshueshuies.
Zark2099 said:
Mate Spider-Sense is literally tells him the danger a minute or so before it happens, and it can tell where the fella will teleport.

It's lowkey broken in comics
Last micro second teleport trick is easy.

It has done literally the first time he fight. The enemy itself is a reactive evolution enemy that their precog continue to grown stronger and stronger.

And it can't even keep up with Shining Hopper. And it isnt like Aruto doesnt spam that, this is this form entire style. Images creation into TP>Hit or TP or TP or TP or hit over and over again.
Spider-Man's precog tells him where the opponent is going to be in the Other key, so...
I'll still vote for Spider-Man given he'll know prior where Aruto would teleport and can make quick work of him with pressure points and poison, while web shields and weaponry are still quite valid defenses, alongside that the perception manipulation would allow him to evaluate the situations far more effectively and thus make quick work of his opponents, not to mention Mark of Kaine in case things get frisky, he can likely rip off the suit with his fingertips alone.

All in all, despite maybe a decent fight, Spider-Man needs only a few hits and hard counters teleports.
Zark2099 said:
I'll still vote for Spider-Man given he'll know prior where Aruto would teleport
And how would this help if the Super Computer already accounted for this in its calculations and hotswapped accordingly?
How did it account for it prior despite not having the initial understanding of such as well as the fact that Spider-Sense is literally the same thiny as well so the latter doesn't get hit either.