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Small Medaka Box addition

I think in her case it should be limited at best. She only brought back her mental wound it's not like she can control it.

Medaka already has from All Fiction feats.
This is probably fine, but you should ask Agnaa to comment here.
Yeah, re-opening mental wounds sounds like textbook Memory Manip.
I don't even know if it should be limited. It's straight up just arbitrarily bringing up traumatic memories in people. Doesn't seem much more limited than other uses of the abiltiy in fiction.

I generally use "Limited" for stuff that's so restricted that it's usually not applicable, like removing memories about one very specific non-useful idea, or actively messing with the user's own memories.
I look memory manipulation page and one types is empathic manipulation. We should then change "Empathic Manipulation with Scar Dead for "Memory Manipulation with Scar Dead" ? Because she have second Empathic Manipulation from her Minus personality.
Minus personality isn't the same thing as her Scar Dead re-opening old memories, so I'd say that it shouldn't be replaced - they're separate things.

Sorry, my bad, I misread. Yeah, that instance of empathic manip should be replaced with memory manip.