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Small Kamen Rider Agito Revision


Currently, all of the Overlord of Darkness's ratings come from the feat of moving a constellation. The problem here is that his lifting strength is rated as: "Unknown physically, Stellar with his powers."

The rating would imply that the constellation shifting feat is done by a separate ability, which won't scale to his physical capabilities. However, that is just not true. As the note under his profile points out:

Note: The instance of an untransformed Shouichi striking back at the OverLord of Darkness should be taken as Plot-Induced Stupidity. The OverLord of Darkness is clearly superior to the other Lords, and early on he no-selled an attack from Gills. Along with this, the OverLord of Light (his equal) was able to survive an attack from the OverLord of Darkness before spreading his essence. It should also be taken into consideration that when Shouichi struck the OverLord, the essences of Agito were already persistently fighting to return to the bodies of the Riders, along with paining him, essentially meaning it was inevitable that they were going to escape. Overall, this shouldn't be used as a point to rank an untransformed Shouichi far higher than his current tiering or to undersell how powerful Shining Agito is for harming the OverLord of Darkness.

Here is the evidence for the claims:
  • Episode 42: Timestamp: 6:20 and 9:00: A recap of the battle between two Overlords who are equal in strength. Both are capable of trading blows and tanking each other's attacks. This directly proves that the Overlords' power would scale to their physical capabilities.
  • Episode 43: Timestamp: 20:20: Another Agito faced off against the Overlord of Darkness and got stomped horribly.
  • Episode 44: Timestamps: 0:00, 03:00, 19:50, and 22:00: Gills attempts to take on the Overlord but is stomped as well. Luckily, the seed of Agito causes pain to the Overlord and gives Gills a chance to escape. In the third fight, they meet once again, but this time Gills loses. Agito tried to take him on but failed as well.
  • Episode 45: Timestamps: 0:00 and 22:00: A follow-up from the previous battle, Gills and Agito only manage to escape due to the seed of Agito's interupting Overlord of Darkness. In the second encounter with Overlord, Agito let him take away his power.
  • Episode 46: Timestamps: 09:30 and 17:00: The seed of Agito persistently fought to return to the Riders, causing the Overlord to struggle to keep them in place. Shouichi tried to get his power from the Overlord but got sent back. G3-X blasts him, but it's no use. Shouichi then somehow manages to punch the Overlord, which shocked him and released all the seeds of Agito.
The note and the recap pretty much explain themselves. The Overlord of Darkness's feat of moving a constellation should be applied to his physical stats, which are calculated as AP, speed, and LS all together. There is no reason to separate one stat from another since they've all come from a single feat. This means that Shining Agito (last key) lifting strength and those scaled to him should be upgraded to Stellar.


Appreciated to everyone who has helped out here.

Since this is a pretty straight-forward change, I will apply the change tonight if no one objects to it by then.