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Size Definitely Matters

So recently I've seen several statements of evidence given from DB disregarded because "There is nothing that states the DB Universe is different from our own" to which I respond with...........uh yeah it is.

To give a little context here this is from Akira Toriyama's manga Jiya which ties directly into the Dragon Ball Universe. The characters speaking are on Earth and they are definitely referring to their Milky Way Galaxy. Astronomers in IRL account for 100 Billion Stars in the Galaxy while DBverse has 2x that. So at bare minimum larger bodies of space like Galaxies and maybe even the Universe are proven to be larger than their IRL counterparts. Just because they are similar doesn't mean they are congruent.
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It's even mentioned that in the Daizenshuu 4, the DB Universe is based more off of SCI FI than what actual Scientist believe it resembles. Also again another guide using Immeasurable or Countless to describe the amount of Celestial Bodies that reside in the Living Realm. Also funny note DB is compared to resembling Star Wars in size and features and yet Star Wars has a 400 Billion Star count in their galaxy. Come on now.