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Sentimental Komuro Michael Sakamoto Dada-sensei vs Goku


The King of all Things Lewd
VS Battles
Skinny vs Muscles

Speed is equalized. Both are at Low 2-C. Starts 5 meters away from each other in the Nexus.

I wanted to put Goku vs someone from YN, but Poniko gets stomped, Madotsuki Type 9s, Mars-san gets stomped and Uboa is too weird so, yeah.
An interesting match-up... and one I don't quite know.

Whilst Masada-Sensei only seems to have hax that would aid him on a defensive level, this doesn't quite give Goku a dominating edge. Whilst he boasts MUI, which would basically make it so he doesn't even have to rely on his neurons, making attacks from kitchen knives or what-have-you not exactly the most effective method of offence, that just leaves Masada in an awkward spot and not one that secures his defeat.

His regen is helpful, as even if F' Trunks shows that you can atomise foes without an overwhelming edge using simple Ki blasts, this was a pretty one-time thing and logic doesn't help make the case for it. A similar thing could be said about Gohan destroying Cell's cells... (plus, he had a lot of help, after all). Whilst Goku is a lot stronger than both of them by now, so is Masada, so the regen will be tricky to work around. Since the moral alignment of Masada doesn't really seem to be evil, I don't think the Mafuba (i.e. evil containment wave) would work considering how well it did against other non-evil doers.

Teleportation is a good defensive skill, but considering ki signatures are synonymous with life, even if it is a DB concept, I think Masada should still possess one for Goku to lock on to. Considering he finds it easier to teleport to other universes than planets in his own (somehow) with instant transmission, I think following Masada, who can go from Dream to Real World, shouldn't be an issue.

You could argue it goes on until Goku deals the finishing blow, but... I can't think of what he could use for finishing blow, and so I'm going to have to say inconclusive.
LuckyEmile said:
Since the moral alignment of Masada doesn't really seem to be evil, I don't think the Mafuba (i.e. evil containment wave) would work considering how well it did against other non-evil doers.
It actually translates to Demon Sealing Wave rather than ECW, that's bastardization on us english speakers part.

That being said it's clearly just a funny name, it's been used on King Piccolo, Zamasu and Dercori, the magic looking chick from the tournament of power. None of them except for King P has been referred to as a demon, so it's clearly not limited to them as the name would suggest.

The turtle not being adaquately sealed is because Master Roshi literally told Goku it doesn't keep them in there unless a seal is used, and that he would go get one.
Ah, okay. I always saw that as an idea that it was ineffective against people who weren't bad, hence why Turtle wasn't able to be sealed but rather just lie on top of it dazed.
>Seccom Masada-sensei


That downplay. He should be 1-A
Brb gathering japanese scans to upgrade Masada to 1-A

Actually scratch that Tier 0
I'll say Goku, unless that Dada's Regenerationn and reality warping are more potent than they seems, he has basicaly no counter to most, if any, of Goku's capacity like his danmaku, superior hand to hand skill, range and capacity to fly.

While Goku has a counter for all of his capacity, teleportation and dimensional storage ? Goku has IT that counter both, Regenerationn ? Danmaku and Ki blast cover that, Intangibility ? Wouldn't help as it just make him liquid but even if it did, Goku already faced intangibility with Hit and Ki blast counter that, extended melee range ? Goku's MUI, martial art skill and capacity to fly take care of that.

Also his inteligence is listed as 'average' while Goku's is listed as 'prodigy' (pretty much) so any error made by either fighter will be better capitalised on or compensated for by Goku.

and let's not forget that Goku would just get stronger through the fight, even more so if he is in MUI.

So it's a pretty decisive victory for Goku unless Dada's capacity are much more potent than his profile make them seem.