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Saitama has an unforgettable luncheon


VS Battles
"Oh no! My roast is ruined!" Seymour yelled in horror as looked into the oven. He quickly slammed the door shut and looked out the window. There, he saw Saitama walking by, carrying his lunch. "But what if, I stole his lunch and disguised it as my own cooking? Oh ho ho, delightfully devilish Seymour!" And thus, Seymour hopped out the window to go mug Saitama.


Both at 9-B. Speed Equalized.

Pre-Training Saitama Render
A man who cannot slay monsters in one punch... YET.

Seymour Skinner
This has got to be the funniest matchup on this site. Love it

Yeah probably Skinner unless Post Training Saitama has some AP I'm unaware of
>Tmw the AP gap is exactly 7.499x so it's technically not an AP stomp

Saitama scales from his durability (I guess) which was 850349.28 Joules when he was 12, meanwhile Skinner scales from harming Bart who tanked 6377105.2205 Joules

6377105.2205/850349.28 = 7.4993950962126997978995172430792

Skinner via more experience, skill and stats. Saitama is far stronger than his 12 self but we cannot conclude that he'll turn the tides.
Shhh but it's not so it's fine.

Honestly though it's lieklynless because saitama is more durable than he was when he was 12
I think it still is a stomp. Even if Saitama is stronger than his 12 year old self, Skinner is still stronger and has everything else on him.