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Genos have slight AP advantage, skill advantage and range.

But he is most likely going to get cheesed by Ryuga by dragging Genos into mirror world.

Also how shiny is Genos metallic part? Since if Genos come close enough he might just be able to simply jump into the mirror world that way for quick escape.
Hmmm then he have better scaling then.

But I think that Genos can still outrange and outskill him. But the mirror world trick is definitely going to be a big surprise for the man.
On his first appearance, he surprise attack Ohja and when he try to kill Miho while disguised as Shinji, and when he summon Dragblacker to attack Shinji while the latter isn't noticed.
Yeah, Genos has the AP advantage, but Ryuga has the hax advantage. The immersion thing is going to net him the win here.
Genos definitely have the advantage when it come to weaponry, training and overall fighting mentality.

But reflective surface are basically everywhere. And Ryuga is going to abuse the shit out of that.
Honestly, i really dont want Ryuga to win with the mirror world hax due to he's my favorite Gekichouban rider. But given how savage Ryuga is, that's probally what he gonna do to a normal opponent to get rid of them quickly