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Remilia Fights Sonic the hedgehog for the third time!!!

Well, the Scarlet Devil has lost against the Blue Hedgehog twice, and now she will fight a different incarnation of him. Will Remilia be able to win this time or will she loss against all Sonic the Hedgehog Low 2C incarnation

Both are Low 2C, Speed is =

Remilia Scarlet :

Darkspine Sonic :

Darkspine sonic render aura alt by nibroc rock-dadsvjv
I'm pretty sure Darkspine's reality warping, attack reflection (negates her danmaku) and spatial manipulation are enough for him to defeat her

Voting Sonic
Gilad Hyperstar said:
I'm pretty sure Darkspine's reality warping, attack reflection (negates her danmaku) and spatial manipulation are enough for him to defeat her

Voting Sonic
> reality warping

Sonic has reality warping due him recreat the Arabian Nights world, and Sonic did this at the end of his fight with Erazor Djinn, which makes him undoubtedly something Sonic not start with.

> attack reflection (negates her danmaku)

I do not think that Sonic can reflect Danmaku like Remilia's, and even if he was able to do this then Remilia is not idiot. She'll realize that Sonic is reflect her bullets and starting using Danmaku from bats, which I don't think Sonic will be able to reflect it.

> spatial manipulation

Doesn't Sonic have a spatial manipulation due to him fixing space in Generation? And doesn't Sonic and the secret rings happened before Generation?
Sonic can use Time Break or Speed Break to dodge Danmaku though.

And he used Reality Warp at the end cause he had depowered Erazor and thus could rewrite reality back to normal without him attempting anything.

Not sure about Spat manip but it's possible he always had it.
Actually I still feel reality warping isn't something Sonic starts with, but anyway isn't that a Stomp? Sonic has a huge AP advantage and Remilia does not have any wincount
I heard Remilia's fate Manipulation was combat applicable or not. Idk what it does.
Remilia's fate hax is unknown how it works, what she need to activate it, how strong it is, is it combat application or not? We know she has a fate manipulation but nearly nothing else about it