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Doubtful. All it does is knock him unconscious, it doesn't damage or harm him in anyway.
Then Reigen just sprays gg ig, he can bullshit long enough to not make Thunder **** him up to pull that off
Position sharing is a thing, which seems to happen whenever McQueen is forced into an unnatural position or into a position that would make it less difficult to die.
Position sharing occurs automatically if HTH is active, the only prerequisite is that it's being used on the target.
Scans of what? That's simply how HTH works, if HTH is manifested on the target, it'll automatically position share given that's what it did every time it showed up. The question isn't if HTH will position share but if HTH will deem being sprayed with sleep shit something to manifest for, if it manifests than it's gonna position share, if it doesn't then absolutely nothing in general happens.

I can grab some scans if you want still but hat explanation should get the point across.

Although I can safely say that trying to stall McQueen out of killing himself is a bad idea, it'd only make Reigen a bgger target.
Reigen's pretty prone to just use the spray immediately on Thunder. And I doubt HtH would register what essentially looks like a person spraying perfume on him as damage. It doesn't even physicaly harm the body to begin with.
HtH is automatic, it's not really a case of if HtH thinks it's a threat or anything like that but if it qualifies as one as a whole. Don't forget HtH can do things as cryptic as bringing others into a death like starvation, which doesn't actually cause any physical damage to the body. Although McQueen falling flat on his face is probably enough to activate HtH given that's gonna lead directly into blunt trauma, ie damage.
that's the biggest of big brain plays.
Scans of it working on non-lethal threats, mainly, from the stuff I've seen it only worked on literal death scenarios
Literally says as much in the Stand bio, it doesn't mater what type of death if it is, it'll draw someone into said death, even if said death is something like starving to death over a prolonged period of time, Says so in it's Stand Stats, we dont see it in action but we know it can draw others into non-physical threats due to the Stand Description. Quickest scan I cound find off Google, ignore the meme.

HtH drags someone into it long before the actual death occurs as well (Given McQueen failed to actually die everytime but the damage and situation he was in was still reflected) it inflicts the damage McQueen takes 1:1, and is automatic (He isn't even aware he has a Stand).

Don't know if it'd reflect being put to sleep (although things like over dosing is a super common suicide method, that Araki himself is well aware of, thinking on it HtH probably can reflect things like that given it's one of the most popular ways to commit suicide and all types of deaths (that are possible and amkes sense within cntext anyway, don't wanna get into NLF shit here) are free game apparently) but it should by all accounts drag Reigen into the following face planting onto the floor and any damage Reigen may try to inflict onto McQueen while he's asleep, assuming Reigen doesn't get drawn into being stuck in the same position till McQueen wakes up, as if it's physically manifested onto the target, it also puts them in the same position, even if said position has absolutely no bearing on the actual death it's trying to inflict at hand.