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Oh yeah, this is fair again. Neat. I'm just going to assume Joule is disabled for this fight and that Pulseman has Voltec Energy.

Gunvolt could probably counter Volteccer with Flashfield, since it's pretty similar to Asimov's Flashfield. However, this would leave Gunvolt overheated and leave Pulseman more or less fine since he dosn't need to worry about overheating.

Pulseman's AP is 15.0802413958 tons, while GV's is 13.22 tons, meaning Pulseman has an AP advantage.

However, this is unfortunately where Pulseman's advantages end.

Gunvolt can probably absorb Pulseman's electricity, since only other Azure Strikers have ever hit him with electricity and damaged him. Gunvolt himself said in the 4komas that he's immune to electricity (Though he was annoyed by Static a few minates after for the sake of a joke). Electricity generated from machines (Like Copen's) can just be absorbed by GV.

Gunvolt also has projectiles that can actually damage Pulseman consistantly, giving him a range advantage.

Pulseman's immersion, dimentional travel, etc... is nothing Gunvolt hasn't dealt with before.

My vote goes to GV, though Pulseman definately has wincons.