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Joke Battles
Mostly related to these calculations being accepted.

General Changes:
All 9-A to 8-C get upgraded to "High 8-C, possibly 8-B". The only exception is Veil, who is outright 8-B via upscaling from Pulseman (Which I'm not even sure how to word. "8-B, possibly higher" in Tier and "City Block level, possibly City Block level+" in Attack Potency, perhaps?)

Pulseman and Veil:
Both should have the abilty to bounce on air with their Volteccers. Pulseman specifically should have the Kick and Back Spin Kick added to his notable attacks/techniques.

Texture Mapping Noishinsu:​

It gets "possibly Plasma Manipulation". That's all.

Doc Waruyama:
His second key should be replaced with a "With inventions" key. It would be "Wall level with most mechas (Via robots like Baloon and Spingy), Large Building level+, possibly City Block level with his strongest inventions (Can harm Pulseman, created Veil)". He should have a list of notable mechas as well as the ability to bring beings that reside in cyber space to the real world.

His third key gets Plasma Manipulation.

The rest of profiles remain the same.
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I think just "At least 8-B" would be enought here.

Teleportation doesn't have to be "instant" as the page says, this fits as:

  • Pseudo-teleportation: An imitation of teleportation due to short runs at a very high rate (much higher than the normal speed of the character). It may also be carried out at the expense of temporary transformation into a lightning / light / energy / astral entity (in this case, the character is able to partially ignore encountered in his way obstacles).
The rest is fine
As in, every page just "At least 8-B"? Because the High 8-C is the highest in the verse and comes from the final boss (So it isn't precisely casual), and the 8-B feat is under an assupmtion that could very well be wrong.

I guess I'll take out the teleportation part from the op.
But the 8-B comes from upscaling from 2 different feats, which would give Veil 2 different APs. There has to be a way to sepparate them
Veil "Surpasses Pulseman in all aspects", which is shown in his boss fight where Pulseman has to stunt him to even attempt to hit him. However, he's clearly not overwhelmingly strong compared to Pulseman as he can still be defeated.

The "At least" would imply that is some sort of low end when it really isn't, and the only reason to upscale Veil is because Pulseman is already close to the next tier.
So there doesn't seem to be any objections. Do we need like... staff approval or something?
The verse is quite obscure, and the changes aren't too big, so about 1 staff member would be enought.
Use your JBW staff powers to ping someone.
I did not receive a PM. Sorry. That problem should probably be fixed.

Anyway, this seems fine to me.
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